Parents should not be said in front of the child

Parents taboo
“Eat snacks in the stomach will grow insects!”
This is not to deceive the child, but after all, contrary to the facts, such as “flexible” mode of education does not convince the child. When children to discover the truth of the truth, you will lose on their parents trust, or turned a deaf ear, or a tooth for a tooth, after using the same way towards their parents.
As a parent, you want to play a “mirror” role, to his serious and responsible, sincere kindness, with him to know the harm of eating snacks, believe that children will understand.
“How can you be so greedy”
Good thing everyone loves to eat, think about what you have found good food is not also “love”, I want to enjoy every day? There is no big difference between the child and your mind, the only difference is that he may not be able to control their desire to eat. So don’t scold the child, otherwise it will only hurt his pride, but also may make the child more and more careless; “eat snacks is greedy?? eat count greedy such errors.

When the children shouted to eat snacks

“Mom, I want to eat French fries, I also want to drink juice, eat ice cream – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
Ms. Zhang almost every day to hear the noise of her daughter, do not give her a crying, not to eat, but to meet the requirements of the child. Children eat snacks is not crying, dinner but eat very bad, sometimes eat County Mengbuken. The results of the child’s body go from bad to worse. Ms. Zhang is very upset.
The child’s stomach capacity is relatively small, a food intake is limited, hungry faster, appropriate to eat some snacks is not a bad idea, you can add some nutrients and calories. In addition, snacks can also adjust the taste of food, the kind of relaxed state of mind when eating snacks is not the time when the dinner. Therefore, snacks for children, is not all bad.
But should pay attention to is, snacks contain sugar and energy was significantly higher than that of dinner sugar content and energy, but nutrients is not comprehensive. Often eat snacks easy to cause a variety of health care problems, such as dental caries, nutrient intake and poor appetite, etc.. And now a lot of coke into the child’s life, such as coke and other drinks, if you drink too much, but also cause headaches, dizziness, irritability, heart rhythm, shortness of breath and other symptoms, but also lead to a large amount of muscle will lead to muscle, writing, hand trembling. And because caffeine is a stimulant, can stimulate gastric motility and gastric acid secretion, cause intestinal cramps, so often drink caffeine drinks children prone to unexplained abdominal pain.
Can be seen, the child is too fond of snacks, a lot of harm to the body, parents should be given to correct. Parents at the time usually to master to the children to eat snacks, generally can be arranged between the dinner after a meal or two meals, but also make the pinch to the amount of snacks, even in between meals, snacks volume is less, otherwise the same will affect the dinner food intake. The children’s snacks should also pay attention to the selection of snacks. Fruit should be the first choice, it can help digestion, but also to add a variety of vitamins; and some too sweet or heat too large food, such as ice cream, candy, etc., it is best not to put them as a spare of snacks.
In addition, parents don’t abuse snacks to coax a child, when children licensing gas, do not use snacks to distract him, promised to some of his unreasonable demands. Otherwise it will make the child feel snacks is a reward, is very good thing, in the intention to strengthen the child’s eating habits, and so that children learn to eat snacks to bargain. In this regard, the parents can not prevent.