How to deal with the sensitive period in a child’s language

Child sensitive period

Language sensitive period: working moms nagging” point, articulate child
    Looking over the two and a half children recently discovered the “New World“You go.” He felt that these words have infinite magic. When someone comes to his house guest, he would occasionally say to people, “You go.” People do not go, he has been urging the side, and made guests very embarrassing. Mom also very upset, give the child to explain a lot of times, guests must be polite, do not say such things. Children keen on the idea, but did not change, recently always love to curse. The family did not know that he is whom to learn. The children finished after these hurtful language. Also always Le Diandian.
    In fact, these words devastated found huge force that he just say the last ten days, you can let other people become angry, become blush, and even make each other really embarrassed to leave, this is how fun and wonderful thing ah! curse is not who taught, but he heard someone say, and then he wanted to try. Look who scolded angry, let him feel interesting.Now looking over the performance actually entered the language-sensitive outbreak. Others, such as the continued use of a new word, because thinking faster than the language development appear stuttering, whispering, etc. are also sensitive to the outbreak of the sign language. Sensitive period of language is relatively not long, it spiral development, from zero until about thirty years old. In two to four years old when the outbreak will enter the language-sensitive period, and since then, development of language skills begin to slow.

  Language sensitive period in a child can hear the sound when it has already begun, although at that time he did not speak, but he will always pay attention to listen to the adults talk. Child’s mind is absorptive capacity, he is not only in listening to the sound, can absorb large people face, he started babbling about one year old, will simply call, until about two years old language popping phenomenon began to appear, has been until about four years old. This time he would say more, the simple words into sentences, three four, to use their own language to tell stories, and this period is the golden period of language development in children, if the mother can provide He spoke a lot of opportunity to practice his language skills will be rapid development at this stage.

Mom “long-winded” point, articulate child

  Here the “long-winded” is not to be nagging mothers, but that the mother and child must be more than talk. You can put some things happen in life to tell the children to listen to, or give the child a story. Note that at the time described, must be clear and vivid language. My mother and child can be more dialogue, such as ask him:?? “Grandma take you where today Wanla” “What fun thing to do.” If the child is not clear expression or say complete, you will help him add . For example, tell your child, “niu today, hitting his head, and fell down.” You can say this sentence is more complete: “Today niu come, in this place and fell, hitting his head, is not it?” In short You have to keep saying repeatedly that specification to say, and vivid that when the child language skills made progress, you can not forget or harm him!

  My mother can take their children out to play, such as going to the supermarket, to tell him the name and characteristics of various items; to patrol the street, the street of shops tell him; go to the zoo, know those animals. Children see the world more, also articulate a.

  During this period, the mother should be noted that, if the child has a stutter, try not to accuse him speak not agile, slurred speech, you need to give him enough time for him to change slowly.


To guide their children into nature, to improve observation

Small things sensitive period: to guide their children into nature, to improve observation

  Small children, does not care about what kind of wear cute clothes, does not care about what kind of wearing a small hat, but do not focus on what to eat something every day, their concern is – sand, water, cookie crumbs, ant mosquitoes, flowers, thread, small patterns, pebbles, STRING, tunnel, ladybug • • • • • • adults do not understand, they think these small things there is nothing to see? But the child at this stage is like a small thing. Most of the time they will be a place to squat motionless, intently observed pebbles on the ground, tracking ant mosquito deeds, looking for a hole in the ground one after another, which in fact marked the child grows into the small things, the sensitive period.

  Generally, this sensitive period from the beginning of the year and a half, continued until about four years old, in this period, those small things in a child’s eyes is very novel, always give him untold fun of. In fact, this is the beginning of the observation of small things, the ability of children to observe, so in this period, the mother to understand the child, do not bother to stop child focus on small things, and to have enough patience to appreciate the child’s cute act, to ensure safety Under the premise, give him some freedom, so that his powers of observation may be raised.

Take their children into the nature, let him go to observe
   Nature is always the best teacher a child, the mother can take advantage of a weekend or holiday, take their children to get out, so he contacted more small things in nature, to enhance his ability to observe.

   Mom do with the adult world of utilitarian mind to secretly give children set goals. Such children to the park, hoping that children know more about several plants. Mom purpose too, the child ear explain various plants or small things habits characteristics, may make the child tired of feeling. Do not disturb mother observed the child when he was in full swing, stop him, you give the children the opportunity of independent observations. He looked small insects, small leaves, small flowers, you do like a spectator. When a child asks you, you then positive answer him. One mother would do well.

Mom recently made concept, the baby always love to pick on the ground bread crumbs and hair, but also love my mother used to do it manually when small beads, the mother realized the baby’s tiny things sensitive period came, she did not tell the baby “dirty bread crumbs , dirty hair, do not pick up, “but let him more contact with some small things. She often children to the community garden to play, let the children focus on flowers and nature scenes, children found on the ground there is a round, very smooth stone, not the same as before seen, he uttered exclaimed, “Huh? ! “Mom told him it was goose d stone, next, the child begins to seriously” study “pebbles, he put it in small hands, and slowly clutched in his hand, it seemed to feel the texture of cobblestone. Finally, he concluded that “cool.” “Hard” and later found to have a child is this stone-paved road, so at those times my mother work, he hurried grandmother took him to the point of view of that path pebble garden ,

  Children are also particularly concerned about ants carrying food garden and residence in the flower ladybug, even mosquitoes and dragonflies. He observed that when they are very focused. He also collected the garden snail, after her mother found him prepared a small glass bottle, cork is the mother deliberately pierced apertures. He can put a small snail into them, and then my mother gave snail provide tasty leaves.

Of course, the child is too small, ant mother gave him the freedom to be conditional, must ensure that the child’s safety. Without children to a busy street, no more kids to trash the place, for some small things, my mother is to take them to hide, such as desiccant, camphor ball, pill, cockroaches drugs. After confirming the safety of surrounding environment, you can let the children free observation. But my mother was doing on the sidelines of the time, also need to pay attention, do not let children put things into his mouth interest.

ignore the child’s bad imitation and make good example

sensitive period1

Study of Jasmine, the elegant aroma, great, full of the entire small home. ! Ah, delicious” Mom Qingwo technical article, sniffed the flowers, the little guy next to graffiti listened to his mother: ! Let me smell it.” Then the little guy learned his mother earlier action, reveling like He said “really fragrant!”
   Pop-up information on the mother’s friends QQ, she quickly typing on the keyboard. The two year old little guy asked her mother: “What are you doing?” “I’m typing” Mom staring at the screen. “Let me play while word of it!” Like an eager child. His mother sat on a chair, a kind of mold staring at the screen twilight, ten little fingers began to press the keyboard. The mother of the child’s imitation do not feel surprised, she smiled at the children feel fake, I thought:! More cute in fact, a few months ago, the children began to imitate the adults speak and act. He not only imitate mom, but also to imitate Grandma, grandpa and dad.

Grandmother laugh when very special children probably think she laughed and others do not, so that school with my grandmother laugh, the laugh of his, drew a laugh for all the family. Children will learn to like grandfather, smoking a cigarette, holding the mouse on the computer drawing. Once, Grandpa To burn a disc on a computer, the child to the grandfather said, “Let me cut it, I will:” Then he began to follow my grandfather began loading the previous step, the children also learned father, my father not very good eating habits have a good big man, but also picky eaters partial eclipse. A moment that this dish salty, a moment that this soup is too light, he says that he did not want to eat. Recently children eat is like this, pick and choose, but also said that the salty, the light, in short, adult habits, speech and action, he will go to imitate, he do not care what is good and what is bad in it.

  The child is now in this stage is called to imitate the sensitive period. It usually appears in children between one and a half to three years old, the children of this period, there will be selectively imitate family’s words and deeds, and sometimes even taken the trouble to repeat many times, this time, they really are not self-conscious In this constant imitation of the process, they began to form self-awareness.

Mo depending imitate his bad behavior, and make a good example
   Children imitate adults lovely move, so I go to work in the mother, but also a lot more joy in life, the child is to imitate every kind of growth, a self-created, which means he slowly learned to communicate with people, mom also feel relieved, but some mothers worry that their children will imitate adults bad deeds, such as swearing. Many children at this stage, heard who said bad language, will be repeated imitation. This is actually the mother and family needs and strive to create a good environment for the children, the family usually try to correct their bad habits and speech. For instance, some parents of picky eaters partial eclipse also has the habit, for children are not picky eaters partial eclipse of the baby, come on the turn, at least do not always complain about the food does not taste good.

Mother to help children get through this sensitive period

Sensitive period

Mom to give children freedom, more and children play games together to help children get through this sensitive period

  Mother can give the child to prepare some “bite” of toys, and allow children to play clean, if the child is still biting finish to the mother do not bother, we must take up immediately wash it again,

  This time the child has begun to play in the water playing with sand the like. Each time with the clutch water, and made everywhere, but he found it funny. Mom do not worry, let him enjoy splashing it, so he did not want to play when you re-treatment. As some mothers feel that their kids playing with sand dirty, had to wash the laundry, then you think about the child’s happiness, or let him play with it a while.

  Of course, my mother most of the time at work, often elderly or nanny to take care of children. You might as well tell them the importance of respect for children to explore instinct, let them help to do these things. Mom after work, and children can also do more fun games to help children get through the mouth and hands of the sensitive period. For example, the number of colors, shapes, soft or toy in front of your child, let him lay a hand, mouth to perceive. If the baby can climb up, you can put the toy milk to a place, let him grab.