“Sick of it? Then you must be very difficult subject, we were going to the doctor aunt check, okay?”

When the kids love to pretend to be sick
Cheng Cheng in first grade, he recently appeared in a strange illnesses: Every Monday or Tuesday morning. He said a stomach ache. He refused to go to school. Mother is very worried, thinking baby son pain. Quickly leave, take him to the hospital, but did not find out what disease. Mom relieved of Cheng Cheng said:. “This is just great, you can go to school tomorrow.”
But the next day to school, Cheng Cheng said a stomach ache. Mom just put him to the school, to falsely school, Cheng Cheng bite the bullet and go to school, and did not re-call a stomach ache. Mom then cut the throat of consciousness: the original son malingering!
case analysis
When a child is sick, parents can often get additional care, not go to school, do not do your homework, you can also watch TV, play games, so cool! So they often sick as an excuse to evade some responsibility or attract the attention of parents.
Encountered such a child, the first to understand that he is malingering or really sick, if you really sick, naturally immediately go to hospital for treatment: If only pretend to be sick, you will need to make good on him for some educated.
If you find your child pretend to be sick, no matter how much you confirm that the child is lying, the child should be provided for the symptoms to seek medical care. It is also a precaution Well, who knows your judgment will not appear deviation it? And this is also a reflection of the child trust is responsible, can not be confirmed until he lie, first assumed the child was telling the truth. Doctors diagnosed the child also expose the lies of the weapon. In this case, you can first say this: sick ah? Then you must be very hard to accept, we went to see a doctor aunt check good? “Even if the child is pretending to be ill at this time, you also want to make him feel your concern, so maybe he’s guilty psychology will help him get rid of this ring illnesses: And if it is really sick, the hospital is of course a necessary .
In addition, more than usual and children talk about the heart, the heart of the children to find out the truth, even if they know the child is pretending to be ill, do not go directly to debunk because the child in order to maintain their self-esteem, also insisted that he was really sick. Through chat, insinuating understand the child’s needs, find out the real reason for his malingering. You can let the children speak a solution, generally speaking, the child’s “heart” one besides, the external conditions will soon be better.

“You gotta be careful! OK, now you have to help my mother to clean, “

“You must be careful! It’s OK. You’re going to have to clean it up now ”
When a child breaks something
Just listen to “bang” sound, Ms. Zhang four year old son to put the vase on the dining room table broke, see this scene, children frighten hurriedly hid in the corner of the living room, don’t dare to make a sound.
Case analysis
In daily life, children break things very common, glass, bowls, tea
Glass, vases, etc., we really do not know is the blame the kids too naughty, or the strange thing too
Even though you are not willing to hear the sound of the child breaking, but as a parent,
When you hear it, first of all, don’t be upset! The child is still young; he
The ability to control their own hands and feet is not flexible, and it is also a careless move. Phase
When the letter is not a sensible child, the child will deliberately turned the vase.
Therefore, you also don’t shout abuse, because the child know that he made a mistake, feel
Fear and remorse, if you blame him again, only to make him more afraid and guilty. The
In order to say to the child: “you must not be careful! No relationship, now
In search of a broom and a mother to clean it up.” So not only can eliminate the child
Fear, but also to remind the child to seek remedial methods, so as to instill the right knowledge
To be responsible for making mistakes, to cultivate children’s responsible attitude to their own actions
Help children to complete the clean-up work, do not forget to remind the child, the next must be small
A heart, don’t do things so bold. But the tone with the best gentle teaching state
Degree, do not use too blame the tone, to let the child can accept from the heart. This will enable the child to self blame some of the psychological, but also to feel the parents
Love. If the child broke the thing no danger, you can let the children to their own
Daniel, to deepen his sense of responsibility.

Children with psychological addiction


Psychological addiction: Let mom headache animation, comics “little fat Rao Friends”
  Children too naughty child, could not explain. Family always has his tinkling sound, my grandmother took him out to play, too easy, do not know where to go T. child’s father and mother are to go to work, the elderly grandmother to worry, often put him on the TV front, let him watch cartoons. This trick really works, children are attracted cartoon, quiet a lot, the side effects are also quite large. State after children on the child, each school, the first thing is to turn on the TV watching cartoons, he could immerse them in a self-allocated heap, and even moved to front of the TV to eat dinner. Mom realized, so can not go on, she began to develop “Look limit order”, the child began to cry gates, tantrums, her mother relented, could not help the children of agonizing, she figured out a way, Jesus is to allow the children to see cartoons, comic instead of TV, in order to reach an agreement. Who knows the child soon fell into comics, became a little fancier.
  Mom did not limiting, but also eye secretly happy, children like to see, “book”, which is a big and good! But where is mom to imagine things like Shao. After primary school children, do not like reading, his understanding is not very good, my mother did not know, a small comic enthusiasts, usually only like to watch cartoons, the books they do not like to see the text of it!

In fact, whether the child is watching television or comics liter, or playing video games, must pay attention to a “degree.” Moderate extinction, and to be able to adjust the mood, increase a little experience, but more than this degree, it is called “psychological addiction” is not a good thing,
  Addicted to television a little Qiu “drug addiction”, especially drama. For us adults, the hit TV series, see Ding depends on a set that is not fun, so most of Nao remember every story development. When asked long, you will find white L: long time immersed in the episode, not only in sight F drop, even Gan Chih Chang electrical skills would have decreased (kids immersed in the TV cartoon to, yeah Send greater risk a. child in front of the TV, when back Yimin, mountain Yan Zhi gang not ignore it and play with no social skills Zhao culture to a mountain j ‘lack of physical exercise, Hugh quality open clam becomes Points 1 Mountain one thousand Ogawa thinking, thinking gradually weakened, distractibility 1 seed because the eyes tightly cho television, blurred vision, a little mountain child chat with mom and dad, the two sides appeared to open clams gap • • • • • • And, yes polybutylene to seven children, they often confuse reality with virtual • Some children watch more television, always worried about violence in television happen to them.

Music is also harm addiction. A man hiding in the room, no communication with anyone, forget food of sleep appears to be obsessed with Jing Videos • love reading, is actually afraid of being found hiding. Man restaurant is very imaginative, but his imagination could not pass through the comic kids. Sink drain to the West set up a child, they just want to look at the plug rather than buildings and more rotten, slowly, you will find them weaker reading skills, and they also limited imagination, imagine, all day bite the diagram • see their own minds are too lazy to move, with wings that do not fly away slightly imagination!
   Faced with animation, draw a small hair Rao Jing Friends, Working Mother training him or persuade him, he was there, clinging like a mother’s have a big head! Of course, the approach is not without.