When children do not love to eat

Round 5 years old, always doesn’t love to eat, even the smell of delicious food, but also the round pick. My mother often of round said: “do not love to eat cannot grow strong, not afraid of you?” but round or in anger say: “I am not want to eat well!” I didn’t play a role.
Mother wants to know that the child in kindergarten is not the way it is. So one day while the circle of the time to ask the teacher, the teacher said she is not love to eat, often only to eat meat, rice and vegetables are left. Mother listened to very anxious, the child such nutrition how to reach it? It seems that it is a boring thing to persuade the child to eat.
Case analysis
All the parents do not want their children to eat junk food, didn’t love, want their children to be able to love all the food. But no one has to eat or even do not eat something, parents may have, not to mention the child. Even very young children, they have their own interests and hobbies. But if the child in the stage of a long body, often a partial eclipse, picky eaters, nutrition can not meet the body’s needs, it is prone to malnutrition, affect the child’s normal growth and development.
But, if you want to change the child’s interest and hobby, it is equal to change the child’s original intuition, but also to change the value of the child’s own formation. It’s not an easy thing to do. Remember when you were young, there are also a lot of food that can not swallow it?
Said that although the child refuses to eat one of the two kinds of food did not influence the growth process, caused by frail reason is not due to a child does not eat a certain food, but if the child partial eclipse effect to the rationality of the diet, as parents. And this is the time to consider how to change the idea of children the.
First of all, you want to let the child feel that you care about him, “do not like to eat this kind of food does not matter, if the mother for a pattern to do you have no interest?” Slowly let him correct this bad habit, do not be anxious for success, not to force children to eat. You can directly to the child said: “you can slightly a little bit of taste, because taste lunch today and yesterday is not the same sip, the mother can you don’t taste any different.” With this kind of talk and talk with the child, the child’s curiosity will be mobilized, he would also like to know today’s lunch in the end what is different with yesterday. If he tries to eat, he may feel that the taste of this food is also very good, the next may not be rejected.
Also, parents often give children speak partial eclipse, picky eaters, do not love to eat to health brings adverse effects, take encourage the attitude of let the children gradually corrected. For example, parents can also say: “do you know what chicken eat? They eat rice, eat grass, leaves. Do you know why? Because chickens light to eat rice, not strong, after eating vegetables, their bodies it looks fast and well. ” In such a subtle, some of the child’s habits will slowly corrected.
In real life, parents should also try to the food delicious, and pay attention to the daily food type corresponding to the match, increase a child eating desire. For example, children do not eat vegetables, the vegetables can be incorporated into the meat into meat stuffing in the brake, and then make meatballs.

ignore the child’s bad imitation and make good example

sensitive period1

Study of Jasmine, the elegant aroma, great, full of the entire small home. ! Ah, delicious” Mom Qingwo technical article, sniffed the flowers, the little guy next to graffiti listened to his mother: ! Let me smell it.” Then the little guy learned his mother earlier action, reveling like He said “really fragrant!”
   Pop-up information on the mother’s friends QQ, she quickly typing on the keyboard. The two year old little guy asked her mother: “What are you doing?” “I’m typing” Mom staring at the screen. “Let me play while word of it!” Like an eager child. His mother sat on a chair, a kind of mold staring at the screen twilight, ten little fingers began to press the keyboard. The mother of the child’s imitation do not feel surprised, she smiled at the children feel fake, I thought:! More cute in fact, a few months ago, the children began to imitate the adults speak and act. He not only imitate mom, but also to imitate Grandma, grandpa and dad.

Grandmother laugh when very special children probably think she laughed and others do not, so that school with my grandmother laugh, the laugh of his, drew a laugh for all the family. Children will learn to like grandfather, smoking a cigarette, holding the mouse on the computer drawing. Once, Grandpa To burn a disc on a computer, the child to the grandfather said, “Let me cut it, I will:” Then he began to follow my grandfather began loading the previous step, the children also learned father, my father not very good eating habits have a good big man, but also picky eaters partial eclipse. A moment that this dish salty, a moment that this soup is too light, he says that he did not want to eat. Recently children eat is like this, pick and choose, but also said that the salty, the light, in short, adult habits, speech and action, he will go to imitate, he do not care what is good and what is bad in it.

  The child is now in this stage is called to imitate the sensitive period. It usually appears in children between one and a half to three years old, the children of this period, there will be selectively imitate family’s words and deeds, and sometimes even taken the trouble to repeat many times, this time, they really are not self-conscious In this constant imitation of the process, they began to form self-awareness.

Mo depending imitate his bad behavior, and make a good example
   Children imitate adults lovely move, so I go to work in the mother, but also a lot more joy in life, the child is to imitate every kind of growth, a self-created, which means he slowly learned to communicate with people, mom also feel relieved, but some mothers worry that their children will imitate adults bad deeds, such as swearing. Many children at this stage, heard who said bad language, will be repeated imitation. This is actually the mother and family needs and strive to create a good environment for the children, the family usually try to correct their bad habits and speech. For instance, some parents of picky eaters partial eclipse also has the habit, for children are not picky eaters partial eclipse of the baby, come on the turn, at least do not always complain about the food does not taste good.