Mother to help children get through this sensitive period

Sensitive period

Mom to give children freedom, more and children play games together to help children get through this sensitive period

  Mother can give the child to prepare some “bite” of toys, and allow children to play clean, if the child is still biting finish to the mother do not bother, we must take up immediately wash it again,

  This time the child has begun to play in the water playing with sand the like. Each time with the clutch water, and made everywhere, but he found it funny. Mom do not worry, let him enjoy splashing it, so he did not want to play when you re-treatment. As some mothers feel that their kids playing with sand dirty, had to wash the laundry, then you think about the child’s happiness, or let him play with it a while.

  Of course, my mother most of the time at work, often elderly or nanny to take care of children. You might as well tell them the importance of respect for children to explore instinct, let them help to do these things. Mom after work, and children can also do more fun games to help children get through the mouth and hands of the sensitive period. For example, the number of colors, shapes, soft or toy in front of your child, let him lay a hand, mouth to perceive. If the baby can climb up, you can put the toy milk to a place, let him grab.