“You play good fun ah! What can you tell me about the play?”

When the child too naughty
6-year-old is in the class of bright naughty. From morning to evening kindergarten to be picked up by my father, without a moment’s quiet time, even taking a nap is always tossing and turning in bed. Stretching his arms, kick the legs. Effect of other children to bed, go game. The teacher’s eyes have to keep searching for his shadow. A little attention, he would run out of the scope of activities, led several small naughty ran the grass, or drill into the corner of interest.
case analysis
In fact, naughty children should not be considered a bad habit, he just love to move than other kids, he loves to play it. However, if you let this naughty “carry forward” go on. It will not only affect the normal activities of other children, but also make him develop non-compliance with classroom discipline, safety rules and other illnesses.
But many parents face naughty child is often powerless, and often beaten by the way, I hope you can let the kids do not naughty point. But this way to educate children is unscientific.
In criticizing the child’s behavior, the best way is to encourage him, and then on the basis of encouragement, and then pointed his wrongdoing, so that the child is easier to accept. When your child is too naughty, you might say to him: “What are you so happy to play it play, what can you tell me about playing it??” The children see you are very interested in him, and he became he would be willing to play the game to tell you in detail. When you listen to his narrative, you may wish to give him his misdeeds noted, such as “best not to catch the blood of some insects Oh, they’ll bite your finger.” Or, “the park is not allowed to play in the water, This point you must remember it! “Thus, in the same time to encourage him, he should pay attention to the problem will tell him that the child will remember.
In fact, the naughty children are often smart kids. Their energy is abundant, at any time be able to find the game’s content and fun. These children’s powers of observation and memory and language skills often than other children, in a game they can take the initiative and active participation. Relatively speaking, those seem obedient, well-behaved child may have some difference in these areas.
Therefore, to allow children naughty, naughty so he observed in nature, to understand the social and enjoy the natural beauty, discover things, which play broaden thinking, increase their knowledge of the purpose.

“Baby, let mom and get rid of this trouble with you, OK?”

Ms. Gao 3-year-old daughter does not know when to begin, to develop a bad habit of biting. This is not health. Not only because of the hands of the already stained with a lot of bacteria, and children always play with a variety of toys by hand. Dirty things stick in your hand, a nail-biting, hands of the bacteria will have thorough understanding of the child’s stomach, affect a child’s health. This allows to Ms. annoyed.
case analysis
Many children and adults have around us and pull the nail biting habit. In all nervous habits, nail biting is the most common habits.
Many children develop this habit of reasons, such as a bad environment in which the child psychologically insecure. Often affected by mental stimulation: such as parents often quarrel, so that children produce loneliness and fear, feelings of rootless, it is easy to bite his finger. After repeatedly, gradually formed a bad habit because of stubborn.
But no matter how develop, nail biting after all, is a less bad health habits, we should help children get rid of. If the child has been able to understand the adults speak, then tell him this habit is unhealthy, and the child said:? “Mom I am sure you can get rid of, so that mothers get rid of this trouble with you is good.” After the child heard these words, the first own brain to form a “biting unhealthy” concept, and believe that the mother be able to help him get rid of, so that children have a concept, it will be easier to do.
You can try to let the children sit in front of a mirror, observe their own biting look, and tell him like this does not look good, but not liked, so that all children can make a strong touch. This approach is very spiritual.
For some children biting nothing to it, you can give him to do some better things. For example, to give him an inconspicuous little things: a rubber ball into a smooth stone, so he put in a nail-biting time to play them.
Do not forget to provide children with a safe, warm, relaxed living environment for children in this environment free life and get into proper protection. If the child is watching TV. Or if he can control biting into desire while watching TV, you can win an extra minute of time watching television.