The 5 major development strategies of single parent families

1. for the children to create a pleasant family atmosphere
Children from the age of 2 will be able to feel the real sense of family atmosphere, different family atmosphere will make the child in mind, attitude and behavior in general to make a different response. If the child at home feel happy and secure, their psychological and character will be able to get good development; if the home all day quarrelling, children are always in suspense, fear of the environment, it is easy to produce adverse emotional and behavioral problems.
In the kindergarten, we often find that children of single parent families tend to exhibit the introvert, fear, sadness, anxiety, apathy or aggressive etc. adverse psychological and behavioral tendencies. They are always a little cry and make noise, and difficult to stop. These adverse psychological and behavioral tendencies, if not timely to correct guidance, there will be a deviation. Therefore, single parent families should pay special attention to create a happy family atmosphere for their children, which is conducive to the formation of good character and the healthy development of psychology.
2. for children to create a good cultural atmosphere
As a single parent families the father or mother, to pay great attention to the great influence of its child behavior, psychological state and personality characteristics that may arise, we should always pay attention to your behavior, don’t in front of the children showed bad habits, such as lying, slip of the tongue and don’t take responsibility. Not according to their own emotions to treat the child. Otherwise, the adverse impact of the bad habits, often make a hey children gradually astray.
Can often take their children to listen to music, look at the painting and calligraphy exhibition, and children playing fun games and so on, for the children create a good cultural atmosphere, make the child as soon as possible from losing the pain of paternal or maternal love to come out, and gradually develop a confident, cheerful character.
3. let the children learn to bear family responsibility
Don’t because the child lost father or mother especially to coddle him, to be assured that boldly let the children to do whatever we can, let children know the family, if necessary, please slightly older children to major events in the family together to participate in the decision-making and so on. To encourage more children to do what they can, so as to cultivate their children’s ability to be independent. Let the children know that they have a certain responsibility to the family, so that they can consciously assume the responsibility of the family to the community when they grow up.
4. more for children to create interpersonal environment
According to the characteristics of children with single parent families tend to tend to be introverted and withdrawn characteristics, so that children more contact with the community, and more for children to create a number of opportunities for interpersonal communication, is a good treatment method. many children or parents do not bring up the child or parents to raise children in turn, in order to facilitate the growth of the child
In the process of children’s growth, father and mother are essential, single parent families to to satisfy the child desire for these two kinds of love. Not to bring up the child or parents to visit children or parents to take turns raising children, which is very beneficial to the growth of children.

My children read

My children read
I realize the importance of spending time with children beginning in 2010, due to busy with their own work for a child until only the external form of care, and there isvery little inner spiritual communication, which I missed a lot of the critical period ofeducation. But I Yu May 2010 participate in has family happiness workshop Hou, realized that family on children of life up with far-reaching of effect, is not ignored of, I again adjustment himself of mentality and work arrangements, efforts learning good of family concept, put learn to of things application to actual life in the practice, this let I harvest has many family of wisdom, face problem also can came up with better of method for properly processing. Family education is a systematic project, family atmosphere, its personnel and ways of doing things will affect the child, if we educate our children and only talk about kids that is local, is not perfect. If we really want to let the children fully good development, family members their own behavior andattitude is very important, especially as MOM and dad, to keep pace with the keeppace with the children, do the child‘s guardian and leader.
Growing with children in many ways, reading with children is one of them, then I amwith children reading way to talk about my experience of growing up with this:
Read one, and may promote feelings between parents, to communicate the contents of the book are emotional exchange with each other, it should at least do something in the read, called read in addition to reading a book together, which also implies the need for the presence of resonance, resonance is generated in the Exchange.If they just read, children are only interested in their understanding, without any communication with each other, then the children and the parents ‘ emotions are unable to blend together, but not increasing emotional. Assuming no communication, your life, your world is the lack of love and joy. Most of today‘s children lack of enthusiasm and motivation, is related to this from the lack of communication with them,does not have a source of love can have a sustained
Second, the read has the opportunity to exchange between parents and children,and in Exchange, you can keep abreast of children‘s inner thoughts or way of thinking, so as to achieve effective guide. I remember one time my son and I read a shortstory, probably meant some students running for student body President, which one of the students broke through the previous campaign speeches, increased timelyhumor, finally leading number of votes was elected President of the Student Council. Son listens to the story said, MOM, if the school principal or teacher required in accordance with their requirements, and that students can elect to succeed?The news of her son‘s question, I felt that he was bound by certain provisions of thinking, I smiled and said to his son: a lot of times people will focus on results and the forgetting process, in fact, are the factors that determine the outcome, and processes can be diverse, as long as the process to others is happy, positive, sunshine, confidence and love, he will succeed in the end! My son nodded thoughtfully. Later when he ran for the school Brigade speeches I’ve seen in a slightly different place, especially on the momentum increased quite a bit of confidence. Training of primary school children are creative, good time, to create opportunities for children to experience as much as possible, only experience life to mature. Good children behave, if this goes on to lose creativity and imagination; naughty boy prone principle bottom line, know no borders. This need to carefully observe and guide parents in ordinary life, borrow a book or a story combining the traits of children inspired and guided, can either keep the child‘s face to maintain his dignity, or you can let him know how to go in the right direction.
Three, and total read of process is inspired children wisdom, and upgrade its in-depth thinking capacity of process, total read Shi seems children some not ready for of language expression and is parents education guide children of best opportunities, I and son with finished Catholic of power Hou, son on which of a words for has added, book in the of said is: Dang a only feet stepped on to has violet of petals Shang, we of soles is left has spent of fragrance, this is petals on we of Catholic. Son saidMOM, some flowers, you step on it, it‘s the smell sticks to your feet. “Was just a sentence Centerless of is words, this world was on has incense of spent and smelly of spent, and I was this among also can has another a of meaning to inspired children of life wisdom, I first on son words to he ask spent of type, in praised he of while and with is surprise of tone with son said:” mother found you this sentence words added have too good has, you inadvertently said has and people along in the of a phenomenon. Son blinked his eyes and looked at me, it was clear that he wanted to hear what this is? I said, some people are like flowers, they offend him, and some were Catholic, like violet scent left to others, others will have a heart of joy to him, to be close to him. And some take just revenge, like flowers to smell other people, other people hate on him, so as to avoid him, this phenomenon does exist. Put yourself in theirposition absolute good and evil cannot be said, nor can absolute who is right and who is wrong, if you do not know what to do with the son? My son smiled and said:of course I want to smell for others. Tolerance of others, be kind to yourself is a good way to a happy life, I hope that my son‘s life and your happiness, so I‘ll bit by bitto sow the seeds of happiness.
Episodes like this have a lot of life, today I share and ways to enumerate these points, hoping to bring you a heart of joy and also comes with a piece of advice to parents, from everyday lifetime listening to your child talk, children read the book are want someone to listen to him, parents listening can improve your child‘s interest in reading.

“Often people who lie will lose people’s trust, you want daddy do not believe you?”

Secret children education

When children lie
Loosely first grade. A few days ago she told my father says, she examinations of the second class, my father is very happy, but also reward the loose. But the door a few days later, the teacher would give parents loosely called to say loosely performance is getting worse, the class teacher attention span, not lectures, parents want to explore the child’s learning problems. Dad an ignorant, originally loosely lying, she did not test what second class, but did not pass exams.
Secret children education case analysis
Lying is intentionally not speak the truth, is a dishonest act. This erroneous behavior of the child lie if not curbed, can make children gradually develop a deception of bad habits. So how do you correct the child lying in the bad habits?
First of all, you have no such experience, when the child honestly tell you he’s only 50 points in math, you become angrily scolding him up? If you have had, the child lying vowel you should know what it is.
Of course, children are not the only reasons to lie it, to correct the child’s habit of lying, as parents, we must be able to accept and sympathize with the children, the children have no fear of a situation. When a child tells you that he had only a 50 points mathematics, first do to him angry, but be analyzed kindly let him know got it wrong reasons, then symptomatic under prescription. In a situation where there is no blame warmth, the child will know that he really did not need to lie.
Treat the child lie, it is necessary to criticize, but also tolerance. When found the child lying, the important thing is to educate children, to help him recognize the dangers lie, tell the children: “? Often liars membership lose the trust of others, do not you hope your father no longer trust you,” Let the children own answer, Mom and Dad later whether to trust him, if you want parents to trust him, and then after that you should not lie. The resulting short-term happiness lie just self-deception, lose the trust of parents, teachers and students. In children admitted lying and said that after not remedied in the future, you should welcome, and am confident that he will correct, it has become a welcome honest man. This helps children get rid of the bad habit of lying. Do children have to admit its mistakes, the attitude has also taken the punishment beatings and so on, even to the children write a guarantee on the wall. This approach will seriously hurt the child’s self-esteem, often counterproductive.

“Mother would like to see you do it yourself Oh!”

When children lack daily living
Secret children education (China Women’s News) survey reported that our children living skills and ability is not optimistic, in primary and secondary schools, 26% of parents worry about every day wear more children, 30 percent of children are not even simple meals do while in kindergarten. 60% of children daily living skills and ability is very low, it does not tie his shoe. Do not wear clothes. Some even have to eat the adults feed. Due to lack of the necessary practical skills training. Children are prone to a condition known as “feel schizophrenia” of the disease, such as poor child self-control, and some are too shy, and some particularly disruptive. It is understood that. In some big cities, there are nearly thirty percent of children have varying degrees of feeling integrated imbalance.
case analysis
The main difference between children and parents ability parenting the way. Many parents like taking on everything, everything yourself: Some parents also underestimate the child’s autonomy, which also do not think that children can not do: There’s too much of a child’s parents to learn, even learning that the child as long as the good, Other things do not have to be in accordance with, and so on.
As the saying goes:. “Grossly hundred times better to hand to do it again,” Let the children more hands is an important way to promote a child’s intellectual development, through the hands of activities that can promote the development of the various regions of the brain. We often say “ingenuity.” In fact, the manual dexterity to mind. Children’s strong hands can also make the child more confident, the courage to explore. Exercise the child’s ability in the process, a sense of responsibility: love, perseverance can get culture.
Understandably, when children lack daily living, their parents should be promptly into line culture. In small children, you can let him learn to organize their own toys, yourself hands, wash, strip and other small things. The child is bigger, you can let him clean the house, wash small items such as handkerchiefs, to help mom and dad to pick up some lighter objects. Louder, may be responsible for watering flowers, washing dishes, mopping the floor, sorting clothes and so on. This will not only be able to exercise the child’s self-care ability, but also to cultivate children a strong sense of ownership. Parents should give children timely appropriate incentives, when children do not do well when eagerly for him to do right away, not easily blame him against the child’s self-confidence, can give appropriate guidance. Some children may be very interested in the beginning of the housework, over time, a bit bored. At this time, parents must adhere to, should always tell the children: “!! Mom would like to see you do it yourself, oh come, try” to develop the child’s own housework good habit to cultivate children’s perseverance, do not give up halfway.
In addition, children should be appropriate by the point of frustration. In Japan there is such a child’s education saying: “In addition to sun and air are the gift of nature, all the other must be obtained through their own labor.” So most of the children in Japan should participate in work-study work during the holidays: a small number of Some children will participate in whatever labor, high school students will go to some welfare agencies to help, such as caring for the elderly, and some students have to teach, to a restaurant washing dishes, or engage in promotions. Japanese feel, pair the children, the two most important thing is education and self-reliance. In fact, one more important thing is to have the ability to think independently and a strong personality, which is more important than to live independently.

Secret children education “I know what you think is right, but your attitude makes me very uncomfortable.”

When children always talk back
Secret children education Talk back? Fire guts really ah! For those of us parents do not allow a child to talk back to people. See their own children and how shocking it talk back! 8-year-old son can Mr. Zhang has been learned back to their parents talk back, if there is not anything to do according to his request, he will be with parents’ top forever. Even so often Mr. Zhang and Zhang wife said: “You Why should I?”
“I do not you tube!” Or “I will not do as you say. That was very stupid!” This makes Zhang couples very sad.
case analysis
In all likelihood, the child is trying to talk back from the television or next door, where the older children have learned, they talk back, they often themselves unaware of this behavior is wrong, but parents must be aware of: you can Allow children to refute some of the issues holding the attitude, so that children and their parents together to discuss a particular problem, as it can train their minds, but vexatious style talk back will only encourage children to develop bad habits do not respect others. This is regardless of the parents, or the children, is a negative thing, must be stopped. There is no room for negotiation.
If your child usually are more polite, so simply and directly said to him: “You speak in the talk back, oh, not this.” This is a great way to recognize your child the chance of error, After your child is not easy to do it again.
But if your child is not obedient, that do not use sarcasm or refute him, the more so because the more easily arouse the child rebellious mood. If you can calm a little, but the effect will be better. For example, you can talk to children, said: “I know what you think are right, but your attitude makes me very uncomfortable, if you can change an attitude I will be more happy.” “You’re usually not the case with my father talking, today not the school what makes you happy? Maybe I can help you. “Such children said those noted however you do not feel happy, then let the children be able to talk back to his parents realized that the behavior is wrong. And you more calm, more usual, the effect will be better.

“I’m glad to hear you speak, but I prefer to see you write them down.”

When the children chatter talked on
One mother recently was bored, because she just turned 6 years old children often do things in her time. Chatter around her to speak. This interference was doing things she could not feel at ease. But she felt they could not keep the kids talk, this will hurt the child.
case analysis
Expressed the desire to have children, maybe you think that it was far are some useless things. Available for children, he felt that it is important, he wanted to listen to Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad want with their share. Sometimes, and this is reflected in the child’s loneliness, his desire to exchange feelings with their parents.
But most self-centered child, when he wanted Mom and Dad happy to talk, but he does not consider the adequacy of talk time. If at this point you are busy other things, there is no time to talk with your child, be sure to use it, a positive response, let him know what you think, for example: “I’m glad to hear you speak, but I would prefer you to write down . As a mother now has other things to do, and secondly, my mother would like to see a little careful. “This prevents the children think they let parents hate, and let him know that parents do not want to talk to him, but now inappropriate. Also let the child know that he in addition to meet their wishes, we have to understand other people’s feelings and circumstances. It also provides children with another method of expression, took the opportunity to exercise your child’s writing skills, is a good thing Oh!
If a child because of a lack of emotional exchange with their parents at the time of chatter around you, then you have to do it in two ways: First, to arrange some time to speak with the children, to increase the exchange of feelings, so that children will not see you no end no more to say; Second, we must learn to teach children to learn, play, and gradually make the child’s feelings of independence.
In fact, children often speak not a bad thing, at least willing to communicate with you on behalf of his ability to express not too bad, but many of his ideas. However, never a good side, and sometimes the child will hostility harassment, this time you have to use a mild tone made it clear to the child that this is wrong, but remember not to rebuke the child.

“You play good fun ah! What can you tell me about the play?”

When the child too naughty
6-year-old is in the class of bright naughty. From morning to evening kindergarten to be picked up by my father, without a moment’s quiet time, even taking a nap is always tossing and turning in bed. Stretching his arms, kick the legs. Effect of other children to bed, go game. The teacher’s eyes have to keep searching for his shadow. A little attention, he would run out of the scope of activities, led several small naughty ran the grass, or drill into the corner of interest.
case analysis
In fact, naughty children should not be considered a bad habit, he just love to move than other kids, he loves to play it. However, if you let this naughty “carry forward” go on. It will not only affect the normal activities of other children, but also make him develop non-compliance with classroom discipline, safety rules and other illnesses.
But many parents face naughty child is often powerless, and often beaten by the way, I hope you can let the kids do not naughty point. But this way to educate children is unscientific.
In criticizing the child’s behavior, the best way is to encourage him, and then on the basis of encouragement, and then pointed his wrongdoing, so that the child is easier to accept. When your child is too naughty, you might say to him: “What are you so happy to play it play, what can you tell me about playing it??” The children see you are very interested in him, and he became he would be willing to play the game to tell you in detail. When you listen to his narrative, you may wish to give him his misdeeds noted, such as “best not to catch the blood of some insects Oh, they’ll bite your finger.” Or, “the park is not allowed to play in the water, This point you must remember it! “Thus, in the same time to encourage him, he should pay attention to the problem will tell him that the child will remember.
In fact, the naughty children are often smart kids. Their energy is abundant, at any time be able to find the game’s content and fun. These children’s powers of observation and memory and language skills often than other children, in a game they can take the initiative and active participation. Relatively speaking, those seem obedient, well-behaved child may have some difference in these areas.
Therefore, to allow children naughty, naughty so he observed in nature, to understand the social and enjoy the natural beauty, discover things, which play broaden thinking, increase their knowledge of the purpose.

“You gotta be careful! OK, now you have to help my mother to clean, “

“You must be careful! It’s OK. You’re going to have to clean it up now ”
When a child breaks something
Just listen to “bang” sound, Ms. Zhang four year old son to put the vase on the dining room table broke, see this scene, children frighten hurriedly hid in the corner of the living room, don’t dare to make a sound.
Case analysis
In daily life, children break things very common, glass, bowls, tea
Glass, vases, etc., we really do not know is the blame the kids too naughty, or the strange thing too
Even though you are not willing to hear the sound of the child breaking, but as a parent,
When you hear it, first of all, don’t be upset! The child is still young; he
The ability to control their own hands and feet is not flexible, and it is also a careless move. Phase
When the letter is not a sensible child, the child will deliberately turned the vase.
Therefore, you also don’t shout abuse, because the child know that he made a mistake, feel
Fear and remorse, if you blame him again, only to make him more afraid and guilty. The
In order to say to the child: “you must not be careful! No relationship, now
In search of a broom and a mother to clean it up.” So not only can eliminate the child
Fear, but also to remind the child to seek remedial methods, so as to instill the right knowledge
To be responsible for making mistakes, to cultivate children’s responsible attitude to their own actions
Help children to complete the clean-up work, do not forget to remind the child, the next must be small
A heart, don’t do things so bold. But the tone with the best gentle teaching state
Degree, do not use too blame the tone, to let the child can accept from the heart. This will enable the child to self blame some of the psychological, but also to feel the parents
Love. If the child broke the thing no danger, you can let the children to their own
Daniel, to deepen his sense of responsibility.

“So your look is very special, but not as when I was clean good? ”

When children are always dirty clothes
4 year old slowly playing time. Always your clothes get dirty when eating,
It’s always going to spill the soup on the clothes. Mother has told her many times. Small
Heart a little. To slow a long. But she didn’t seem to hear it. Just put on clothes
About an hour to get dirty in a complete mess.
Case analysis
In fact, the 4 year old child must be the same as the adults to pay attention to the clothes clean and tidy
And health seems unlikely, but the child is a habit of his self – control is poor
Aura. Although the child’s clean and dirty clothes are not much clear concept, but if
Parents are able to educate him, guide him, the child is still very aware of the health of the.
Children always dirty clothes, which makes you a very headache, because you need to constantly give him
Clean clothes, wash his dirty clothes and wash his clothes. You can’t just let the baby’s clothes.
So dirty to wear? Such children do not know how to talk about health officials.
So what about it?
Don’t just blame him, the child does not want to be like this, he just can’t control himself.
Behavior, also need your education and guidance. So, when the children get dirty clothes
At that time, he said: “so your clothes look very special Oh, but,
Is not as good as clean time?” Children listen to the mother’s words, will feel the self
Has really not as clean as the clothes look good, the child also have their own aesthetic.
So if he is not careful next time, you will remind him once again, slowly, his
There will be such a concept in the brain: clean clothes look better than dirty clothes.” Phase
Believe in this concept, he will gradually develop good habits of health.
Parents taboo
“How do you get dirty again! I can’t take you!”
Please believe that your child is not intended to do this, and he is careless, so you don’t always criticize his behavior. So the child said, the child will think you very hate him, can not help him get rid of bad habits. Children themselves will feel that they really do not use, always dirty clothes, make parents angry, over time, he will feel inferior, affecting the normal development of children’s psychology.
— “you are a dirty child!”
Parents, although very reluctant to see the child’s clothes all dirty awful, but so disgusted, blame, negative criticism will only harm to the child’s self-esteem, let the children leave you to be getting more and more far, and for a long time, the child will gradually recognized the parents of this kind of view, think oneself is really a dirty and useless child, or even produce “poguanziposhuai” idea.

“Mother is not going to buy it. Baby look, that thing?”

When the child is crying to buy toys
2 years old with her mother to the supermarket, suddenly saw a red toy robot is very beautiful, they are not to buy his mother. The mother felt that home of toys are fast reactor Chengshan the buy back to play for a few days and throw on the side, really too wasted, do not intend to buy. Can be a little more than a crying and refused to go, the mother felt angry and embarrassed, angry too small to take over the hands of the toys, pull him out?
You must not feel strange in such a situation, it must make you feel very upset.
Two or three years old this age of the child is not taking into account the feelings of others, as long as he wants something, you will get the. For parents, the best way is to bring him to the store and other places to sell. In addition, if you really don’t want to buy something for him, you can distract him from his attention, and when a child sees something new, he will soon forget the things in front of him.
Playful and curious is the child of nature, children’s toys to novel interest, want to let the parents buy for him to play, is beyond reproach. We adults see what they like, do not often want to get it? Is also a good idea and children loquat eat is very important, as it does not meet the need for him to play and will settle for second best, to buy him something to eat. If children see novelty toys to “appropriation”, then you in the child proposed buy toys, and discuss toy play, let him 7 toys function: can watch, you can also learn skills through it. If only the appearance of the toy like and curiosity, in front of the counter watch on it, or let the salesman loquat toys take out to touch him, let him look at: if you want to learn skills by toys, it would have to complete the task of the game, you can and the child set t stand “contract”, let him make a commitment, such as the need to play pat some toys after to be able to buy a new toy P so you to can not buy toys, to take up some of the children. You should also be appropriate to the child to penetrate the concept of reasonable consumption, and he jointly develop the toy consumption plan;
Let him know that buying toys should be limited.
Encounter this kind of situation, do not have the children yelled at him, if you do not intend to buy, you can also explicitly rejected children, look into their eyes step, carefully to him said: “mother did not intend to buy these, baby you see, yonder thing how? Will we go and see it?” This also let him know, mom and dad will never have before, is not it? If the child is still unwilling to give up, then to shift his attention. Try to attract children to see other things, ask the child’s opinion, let the child no longer entangled. In addition, the child is very fond of people to ask his opinion, because they have a sense of mission, the vanity, they really will be very hard for you to think, give you advice. This did not shoot two hawks with one arrow?