Beach kids

Beach kids
Was born in 1926. Rushan, Shandong people. Author of novels of the two geese in the spring snow.
How happy two locks, to Grandma‘s House. He hadn’t come over to Grandma’s House in five years.


Grandma held it on the Yellow Sea. Village north is the port Canal and tides is a water, hope to also do not look to the side; at low tide, the sea receded, showing a yellow beach. Village South is a Sandy Ridge, Sha Ling is covered with a sandy Liao, standing on the Sandy Ridge saw the sea. Two locks like the sea! Blue, no edge, no Internet, and sparkled. What‘s the sea? Fish, crabs, shrimp, and fish, the teacher said there is such a large fish in the sea, larger than a House. But two locks do not see the big fish could not see even small fish. Two lock and strange: the fish ran to where is it?


My grandmother’s aunt and uncle in the home, there are big Tigers and little flowers sister. Two locks every day playing with Tiger on the beach, sand on the beach is fine and soft, both lying on the beach, open belly shirt Sun, Sun belly murmur chatterring. Tiger one year older than the two locks, but no second lock tall and readgrade, two locks is not admire him. He is also the captain, in the summer before joining the young pioneers, their squad is stronger than his ability. But Tiger did know how many b lock does not understand things, for example, large Tiger knows when tide, tide of what fish know what kind of crab are willing to climb out of the weather;also, in light of light suddenly turned up a clam on the beach; and will float. Two lock slowly admitted: there are plenty of things about the Sea Tiger know much. But why does he always say someone else is wrong with it! There are two locks is pleasedto tell Grandma: Grandma, today I saw the ship‘s sails, white as snow, so much, standing in the sea and it won’t move. Dahu plug in his mouth: who said not tomove, well, see it is! Two locks in the sea picked up some nice white things like boats, happy to show it to Tiger. Who knows the Tigers laughed: it is the fish Board, wehad to throw out, and you are going to move. Flowers immediately ran to tell her grandmother: Grandma, er lock picking up some fish to the Board. It’s a little tongue, Abel would love!


Two locks like tide all the time sitting on the beach, watching the tide around the horizon. Tide suffused with white foam blowing toward him, and he jumped back andwave into his heel back, bubble splash his face, chill. Waves and then came, he jumped back again. Under the tides to Sandy Ridge. He stood on the Sandy Ridge, the tide no longer came with him and slowly calmed down. Two locks is not happy, he was hoping to bring sea to Sandy Ridge.
Two locks most pleased and Tiger fish. Two men secretly taken out of the uncle‘s net, ran to the village in the North channel in Hong Kong. Whistling to the shore the tide ran. Hu pointed to the water and lowered his voice and shout: quick! Two locks,a school of fish! But two locked but there is not even a fish to see. When the tiger in his eyes into the adult, what Tiger said what he heard. Really, haven’t pulled the net to shore, jumping fish jumping in Ali. Two locks were like and worry, voice shouted himself hoarse. A network pulled a half buckets got a fish. Two locks looking at all these fish, like in a dream.


The tide, two locks and big tiger into the local drainage digging clams at the beach.Many beautiful patterns on the clam shell, very thick, as big as a fist. Clam deep beneath the sand, tide swept away the sand smooth, locks could not find the second, but the Tigers used a small hoe suddenly turned up a. Big tiger told two locks, whereclam has a small eye, because clams to leave a hole and catch my breath. Two lock at the beach is filled with small eyes, dig a few eyes, just dug up a few fingers big little crabs. He was disappointed, Tiger said to him, this clam digging in the sand, to diginto the local drainage North of the beach, where the clams very much.


How happy the second lock, when he wanted to go home, can bring a big box of clams to go back. When school starts, on his desk, put on five, no, ten or more, look to students, one pencil, one ink, a red color, green color … … Students have gatheredto his table, he gave each of them a no, normal and he hit it, he offered, no he didn’t give.


Two locks was secretly looking forward to the big tiger brought him North to Hong Kong on Canal, but the Tigers have no intention of going. Two locks have self-respect and he wouldn’t wanted to ask others, but more than anything in a hurry.

My children read

My children read
I realize the importance of spending time with children beginning in 2010, due to busy with their own work for a child until only the external form of care, and there isvery little inner spiritual communication, which I missed a lot of the critical period ofeducation. But I Yu May 2010 participate in has family happiness workshop Hou, realized that family on children of life up with far-reaching of effect, is not ignored of, I again adjustment himself of mentality and work arrangements, efforts learning good of family concept, put learn to of things application to actual life in the practice, this let I harvest has many family of wisdom, face problem also can came up with better of method for properly processing. Family education is a systematic project, family atmosphere, its personnel and ways of doing things will affect the child, if we educate our children and only talk about kids that is local, is not perfect. If we really want to let the children fully good development, family members their own behavior andattitude is very important, especially as MOM and dad, to keep pace with the keeppace with the children, do the child‘s guardian and leader.
Growing with children in many ways, reading with children is one of them, then I amwith children reading way to talk about my experience of growing up with this:
Read one, and may promote feelings between parents, to communicate the contents of the book are emotional exchange with each other, it should at least do something in the read, called read in addition to reading a book together, which also implies the need for the presence of resonance, resonance is generated in the Exchange.If they just read, children are only interested in their understanding, without any communication with each other, then the children and the parents ‘ emotions are unable to blend together, but not increasing emotional. Assuming no communication, your life, your world is the lack of love and joy. Most of today‘s children lack of enthusiasm and motivation, is related to this from the lack of communication with them,does not have a source of love can have a sustained
Second, the read has the opportunity to exchange between parents and children,and in Exchange, you can keep abreast of children‘s inner thoughts or way of thinking, so as to achieve effective guide. I remember one time my son and I read a shortstory, probably meant some students running for student body President, which one of the students broke through the previous campaign speeches, increased timelyhumor, finally leading number of votes was elected President of the Student Council. Son listens to the story said, MOM, if the school principal or teacher required in accordance with their requirements, and that students can elect to succeed?The news of her son‘s question, I felt that he was bound by certain provisions of thinking, I smiled and said to his son: a lot of times people will focus on results and the forgetting process, in fact, are the factors that determine the outcome, and processes can be diverse, as long as the process to others is happy, positive, sunshine, confidence and love, he will succeed in the end! My son nodded thoughtfully. Later when he ran for the school Brigade speeches I’ve seen in a slightly different place, especially on the momentum increased quite a bit of confidence. Training of primary school children are creative, good time, to create opportunities for children to experience as much as possible, only experience life to mature. Good children behave, if this goes on to lose creativity and imagination; naughty boy prone principle bottom line, know no borders. This need to carefully observe and guide parents in ordinary life, borrow a book or a story combining the traits of children inspired and guided, can either keep the child‘s face to maintain his dignity, or you can let him know how to go in the right direction.
Three, and total read of process is inspired children wisdom, and upgrade its in-depth thinking capacity of process, total read Shi seems children some not ready for of language expression and is parents education guide children of best opportunities, I and son with finished Catholic of power Hou, son on which of a words for has added, book in the of said is: Dang a only feet stepped on to has violet of petals Shang, we of soles is left has spent of fragrance, this is petals on we of Catholic. Son saidMOM, some flowers, you step on it, it‘s the smell sticks to your feet. “Was just a sentence Centerless of is words, this world was on has incense of spent and smelly of spent, and I was this among also can has another a of meaning to inspired children of life wisdom, I first on son words to he ask spent of type, in praised he of while and with is surprise of tone with son said:” mother found you this sentence words added have too good has, you inadvertently said has and people along in the of a phenomenon. Son blinked his eyes and looked at me, it was clear that he wanted to hear what this is? I said, some people are like flowers, they offend him, and some were Catholic, like violet scent left to others, others will have a heart of joy to him, to be close to him. And some take just revenge, like flowers to smell other people, other people hate on him, so as to avoid him, this phenomenon does exist. Put yourself in theirposition absolute good and evil cannot be said, nor can absolute who is right and who is wrong, if you do not know what to do with the son? My son smiled and said:of course I want to smell for others. Tolerance of others, be kind to yourself is a good way to a happy life, I hope that my son‘s life and your happiness, so I‘ll bit by bitto sow the seeds of happiness.
Episodes like this have a lot of life, today I share and ways to enumerate these points, hoping to bring you a heart of joy and also comes with a piece of advice to parents, from everyday lifetime listening to your child talk, children read the book are want someone to listen to him, parents listening can improve your child‘s interest in reading.

Parents should not be said in front of the child

Parents taboo
“Eat snacks in the stomach will grow insects!”
This is not to deceive the child, but after all, contrary to the facts, such as “flexible” mode of education does not convince the child. When children to discover the truth of the truth, you will lose on their parents trust, or turned a deaf ear, or a tooth for a tooth, after using the same way towards their parents.
As a parent, you want to play a “mirror” role, to his serious and responsible, sincere kindness, with him to know the harm of eating snacks, believe that children will understand.
“How can you be so greedy”
Good thing everyone loves to eat, think about what you have found good food is not also “love”, I want to enjoy every day? There is no big difference between the child and your mind, the only difference is that he may not be able to control their desire to eat. So don’t scold the child, otherwise it will only hurt his pride, but also may make the child more and more careless; “eat snacks is greedy?? eat count greedy such errors.

When the children shouted to eat snacks

“Mom, I want to eat French fries, I also want to drink juice, eat ice cream – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
Ms. Zhang almost every day to hear the noise of her daughter, do not give her a crying, not to eat, but to meet the requirements of the child. Children eat snacks is not crying, dinner but eat very bad, sometimes eat County Mengbuken. The results of the child’s body go from bad to worse. Ms. Zhang is very upset.
The child’s stomach capacity is relatively small, a food intake is limited, hungry faster, appropriate to eat some snacks is not a bad idea, you can add some nutrients and calories. In addition, snacks can also adjust the taste of food, the kind of relaxed state of mind when eating snacks is not the time when the dinner. Therefore, snacks for children, is not all bad.
But should pay attention to is, snacks contain sugar and energy was significantly higher than that of dinner sugar content and energy, but nutrients is not comprehensive. Often eat snacks easy to cause a variety of health care problems, such as dental caries, nutrient intake and poor appetite, etc.. And now a lot of coke into the child’s life, such as coke and other drinks, if you drink too much, but also cause headaches, dizziness, irritability, heart rhythm, shortness of breath and other symptoms, but also lead to a large amount of muscle will lead to muscle, writing, hand trembling. And because caffeine is a stimulant, can stimulate gastric motility and gastric acid secretion, cause intestinal cramps, so often drink caffeine drinks children prone to unexplained abdominal pain.
Can be seen, the child is too fond of snacks, a lot of harm to the body, parents should be given to correct. Parents at the time usually to master to the children to eat snacks, generally can be arranged between the dinner after a meal or two meals, but also make the pinch to the amount of snacks, even in between meals, snacks volume is less, otherwise the same will affect the dinner food intake. The children’s snacks should also pay attention to the selection of snacks. Fruit should be the first choice, it can help digestion, but also to add a variety of vitamins; and some too sweet or heat too large food, such as ice cream, candy, etc., it is best not to put them as a spare of snacks.
In addition, parents don’t abuse snacks to coax a child, when children licensing gas, do not use snacks to distract him, promised to some of his unreasonable demands. Otherwise it will make the child feel snacks is a reward, is very good thing, in the intention to strengthen the child’s eating habits, and so that children learn to eat snacks to bargain. In this regard, the parents can not prevent.

When children do not love to eat

Round 5 years old, always doesn’t love to eat, even the smell of delicious food, but also the round pick. My mother often of round said: “do not love to eat cannot grow strong, not afraid of you?” but round or in anger say: “I am not want to eat well!” I didn’t play a role.
Mother wants to know that the child in kindergarten is not the way it is. So one day while the circle of the time to ask the teacher, the teacher said she is not love to eat, often only to eat meat, rice and vegetables are left. Mother listened to very anxious, the child such nutrition how to reach it? It seems that it is a boring thing to persuade the child to eat.
Case analysis
All the parents do not want their children to eat junk food, didn’t love, want their children to be able to love all the food. But no one has to eat or even do not eat something, parents may have, not to mention the child. Even very young children, they have their own interests and hobbies. But if the child in the stage of a long body, often a partial eclipse, picky eaters, nutrition can not meet the body’s needs, it is prone to malnutrition, affect the child’s normal growth and development.
But, if you want to change the child’s interest and hobby, it is equal to change the child’s original intuition, but also to change the value of the child’s own formation. It’s not an easy thing to do. Remember when you were young, there are also a lot of food that can not swallow it?
Said that although the child refuses to eat one of the two kinds of food did not influence the growth process, caused by frail reason is not due to a child does not eat a certain food, but if the child partial eclipse effect to the rationality of the diet, as parents. And this is the time to consider how to change the idea of children the.
First of all, you want to let the child feel that you care about him, “do not like to eat this kind of food does not matter, if the mother for a pattern to do you have no interest?” Slowly let him correct this bad habit, do not be anxious for success, not to force children to eat. You can directly to the child said: “you can slightly a little bit of taste, because taste lunch today and yesterday is not the same sip, the mother can you don’t taste any different.” With this kind of talk and talk with the child, the child’s curiosity will be mobilized, he would also like to know today’s lunch in the end what is different with yesterday. If he tries to eat, he may feel that the taste of this food is also very good, the next may not be rejected.
Also, parents often give children speak partial eclipse, picky eaters, do not love to eat to health brings adverse effects, take encourage the attitude of let the children gradually corrected. For example, parents can also say: “do you know what chicken eat? They eat rice, eat grass, leaves. Do you know why? Because chickens light to eat rice, not strong, after eating vegetables, their bodies it looks fast and well. ” In such a subtle, some of the child’s habits will slowly corrected.
In real life, parents should also try to the food delicious, and pay attention to the daily food type corresponding to the match, increase a child eating desire. For example, children do not eat vegetables, the vegetables can be incorporated into the meat into meat stuffing in the brake, and then make meatballs.