Beach kids

Beach kids
Was born in 1926. Rushan, Shandong people. Author of novels of the two geese in the spring snow.
How happy two locks, to Grandma‘s House. He hadn’t come over to Grandma’s House in five years.


Grandma held it on the Yellow Sea. Village north is the port Canal and tides is a water, hope to also do not look to the side; at low tide, the sea receded, showing a yellow beach. Village South is a Sandy Ridge, Sha Ling is covered with a sandy Liao, standing on the Sandy Ridge saw the sea. Two locks like the sea! Blue, no edge, no Internet, and sparkled. What‘s the sea? Fish, crabs, shrimp, and fish, the teacher said there is such a large fish in the sea, larger than a House. But two locks do not see the big fish could not see even small fish. Two lock and strange: the fish ran to where is it?


My grandmother’s aunt and uncle in the home, there are big Tigers and little flowers sister. Two locks every day playing with Tiger on the beach, sand on the beach is fine and soft, both lying on the beach, open belly shirt Sun, Sun belly murmur chatterring. Tiger one year older than the two locks, but no second lock tall and readgrade, two locks is not admire him. He is also the captain, in the summer before joining the young pioneers, their squad is stronger than his ability. But Tiger did know how many b lock does not understand things, for example, large Tiger knows when tide, tide of what fish know what kind of crab are willing to climb out of the weather;also, in light of light suddenly turned up a clam on the beach; and will float. Two lock slowly admitted: there are plenty of things about the Sea Tiger know much. But why does he always say someone else is wrong with it! There are two locks is pleasedto tell Grandma: Grandma, today I saw the ship‘s sails, white as snow, so much, standing in the sea and it won’t move. Dahu plug in his mouth: who said not tomove, well, see it is! Two locks in the sea picked up some nice white things like boats, happy to show it to Tiger. Who knows the Tigers laughed: it is the fish Board, wehad to throw out, and you are going to move. Flowers immediately ran to tell her grandmother: Grandma, er lock picking up some fish to the Board. It’s a little tongue, Abel would love!


Two locks like tide all the time sitting on the beach, watching the tide around the horizon. Tide suffused with white foam blowing toward him, and he jumped back andwave into his heel back, bubble splash his face, chill. Waves and then came, he jumped back again. Under the tides to Sandy Ridge. He stood on the Sandy Ridge, the tide no longer came with him and slowly calmed down. Two locks is not happy, he was hoping to bring sea to Sandy Ridge.
Two locks most pleased and Tiger fish. Two men secretly taken out of the uncle‘s net, ran to the village in the North channel in Hong Kong. Whistling to the shore the tide ran. Hu pointed to the water and lowered his voice and shout: quick! Two locks,a school of fish! But two locked but there is not even a fish to see. When the tiger in his eyes into the adult, what Tiger said what he heard. Really, haven’t pulled the net to shore, jumping fish jumping in Ali. Two locks were like and worry, voice shouted himself hoarse. A network pulled a half buckets got a fish. Two locks looking at all these fish, like in a dream.


The tide, two locks and big tiger into the local drainage digging clams at the beach.Many beautiful patterns on the clam shell, very thick, as big as a fist. Clam deep beneath the sand, tide swept away the sand smooth, locks could not find the second, but the Tigers used a small hoe suddenly turned up a. Big tiger told two locks, whereclam has a small eye, because clams to leave a hole and catch my breath. Two lock at the beach is filled with small eyes, dig a few eyes, just dug up a few fingers big little crabs. He was disappointed, Tiger said to him, this clam digging in the sand, to diginto the local drainage North of the beach, where the clams very much.


How happy the second lock, when he wanted to go home, can bring a big box of clams to go back. When school starts, on his desk, put on five, no, ten or more, look to students, one pencil, one ink, a red color, green color … … Students have gatheredto his table, he gave each of them a no, normal and he hit it, he offered, no he didn’t give.


Two locks was secretly looking forward to the big tiger brought him North to Hong Kong on Canal, but the Tigers have no intention of going. Two locks have self-respect and he wouldn’t wanted to ask others, but more than anything in a hurry.

“Often people who lie will lose people’s trust, you want daddy do not believe you?”

Secret children education

When children lie
Loosely first grade. A few days ago she told my father says, she examinations of the second class, my father is very happy, but also reward the loose. But the door a few days later, the teacher would give parents loosely called to say loosely performance is getting worse, the class teacher attention span, not lectures, parents want to explore the child’s learning problems. Dad an ignorant, originally loosely lying, she did not test what second class, but did not pass exams.
Secret children education case analysis
Lying is intentionally not speak the truth, is a dishonest act. This erroneous behavior of the child lie if not curbed, can make children gradually develop a deception of bad habits. So how do you correct the child lying in the bad habits?
First of all, you have no such experience, when the child honestly tell you he’s only 50 points in math, you become angrily scolding him up? If you have had, the child lying vowel you should know what it is.
Of course, children are not the only reasons to lie it, to correct the child’s habit of lying, as parents, we must be able to accept and sympathize with the children, the children have no fear of a situation. When a child tells you that he had only a 50 points mathematics, first do to him angry, but be analyzed kindly let him know got it wrong reasons, then symptomatic under prescription. In a situation where there is no blame warmth, the child will know that he really did not need to lie.
Treat the child lie, it is necessary to criticize, but also tolerance. When found the child lying, the important thing is to educate children, to help him recognize the dangers lie, tell the children: “? Often liars membership lose the trust of others, do not you hope your father no longer trust you,” Let the children own answer, Mom and Dad later whether to trust him, if you want parents to trust him, and then after that you should not lie. The resulting short-term happiness lie just self-deception, lose the trust of parents, teachers and students. In children admitted lying and said that after not remedied in the future, you should welcome, and am confident that he will correct, it has become a welcome honest man. This helps children get rid of the bad habit of lying. Do children have to admit its mistakes, the attitude has also taken the punishment beatings and so on, even to the children write a guarantee on the wall. This approach will seriously hurt the child’s self-esteem, often counterproductive.