“Mother really want to play with the baby for a while, but the mother is so busy now!”

When a child is stuck with his parents, he wants you to play with him.
“Mom, I want you to come with me.” “Mom, where are you?” “Mom, what are you doing? Play with me, and”
As a mother, you must always be so sticky, it must make you feel very upset. Mrs. Lee is now Jiuzheng is 3 years old daughter trapped on, children every day in addition to sleep, almost always adhered to her or in her lap with her a piece of playing with toys or holding the legs of a file, or pull her hand or on her feet, good thriller the child is a separate individual, but her body extending. This day, always be wrapped around the child to play together, Ms. Lee feel be tired out.
Now only children more and more, because of the special environment, easy to produce the bad habits of people, the wear. Such as often Miao a want you to help him find a toy, to help him find out, but also to accompany him to play, can play the not and in a short while, he calyx toys to rob the wool in your hand; or you are busy doing housework when he went around in your feet when a don’t want you to do, and so on, that’s what annoys you of.
In fact, the child is bound to play with their parents have a certain psychological reasons, this may be a lack of emotional expression. If you look at the baby’s behavior may be found, sometimes the baby crying, not because the Russian belly, but to see adults from his side through to did not hold him, he had to cry caused your attention, you want quickly embrace him. This is a kind of emotional need. The child is also the same, the parents to play together, ask you to want things, with you to make trouble, this is not the purpose, the purpose is to want you to pay attention to him, and he exchange feelings. This mentality is more prominent in the only child body. Parents should be aware of this, understand their feelings, expressed a desire to play with the kids, and gently to the child said: “mother really want to accompany the baby to play for a while, but now my mother is doing the housework, my mother was busy Dongxi! Mom finished will accompany you, OK?” So that the child can not accompany him to play for the time being, said, and so you have done their own to play with him, the child is very easy to listen to a person to play.
But if you really do not know when to accompany him to play, remember not to casually promised children, otherwise he would be disappointed, think parents do not keep their promises.
Or you can also give the child another suggestion, try to let him do something else, for example, to help parents get something, frame the picture to my mother, or let him invent new games, it will also scattered children want you to accompany him to play with the attention and from feeling pleasure.

When children get up, not happy

Some children wake up in the morning after the happy, a small mouth son said a non-stop, but also some of the children get up early in the morning is not happy, make uncomfortable, playing small temperament, or angry, who also ignore, or crying. The child exhibits various unhappy phenomenon, parents tend to be rather baffling, unknown, so it is trouble.
Case analysis
Any person, including the adult and the child, and occasionally a little mood is normal. Two years old child began to say “no” to show their independence, and sometimes parents are very easy to take this as a way to not listen to the words of the adult or the performance of the temperament, in fact, is not the case. Even when the children grow up to ten years old, often to be moody, overly sensitive, this is quite normal phenomenon, so parents do not have to to be overly sensitive about it.
If your child has always been after getting up in the morning and in good spirits, but has recently become fond of playing small gas the, perhaps this is he really what problems, such as lack of sleep, sick, or mental stress, and so on, you have to use appropriate methods to clear.
Some kids get out of bed because they’re always getting out of bed, so you’re going to wake him up, or put some music on the clock. If time allows, you can let the child to sleep for a while, or tell the child: baby, now to the time we have to eat, since you have been awake, and mom and dad to eat dinner and then continue to sleep well?” Children listen to these words, the heart will be more comfortable, but also willing to eat with their parents.
Or let the child go away, and so he feels better and then come back, but must give the child lay down the steps. For example, you can say: you stay for a while, you may be better, and so you feel better, must come back oh, because we will think of you.” This child will feel themselves by their parents attention, parents need to own and to the importance of the psychological will soon let the children happy metres.
You can also use humor to change the child’s mood, with the child to play a joke, help him get rid of trouble, or talk about a relaxed and happy joke, you can try to let the children speak, to his emotions, such as ask the child: Dad is very want to know what you did yesterday night.” If you let the child begin to speak, he will slowly forget their unpleasant.

Children with psychological addiction


Psychological addiction: Let mom headache animation, comics “little fat Rao Friends”
  Children too naughty child, could not explain. Family always has his tinkling sound, my grandmother took him out to play, too easy, do not know where to go T. child’s father and mother are to go to work, the elderly grandmother to worry, often put him on the TV front, let him watch cartoons. This trick really works, children are attracted cartoon, quiet a lot, the side effects are also quite large. State after children on the child, each school, the first thing is to turn on the TV watching cartoons, he could immerse them in a self-allocated heap, and even moved to front of the TV to eat dinner. Mom realized, so can not go on, she began to develop “Look limit order”, the child began to cry gates, tantrums, her mother relented, could not help the children of agonizing, she figured out a way, Jesus is to allow the children to see cartoons, comic instead of TV, in order to reach an agreement. Who knows the child soon fell into comics, became a little fancier.
  Mom did not limiting, but also eye secretly happy, children like to see, “book”, which is a big and good! But where is mom to imagine things like Shao. After primary school children, do not like reading, his understanding is not very good, my mother did not know, a small comic enthusiasts, usually only like to watch cartoons, the books they do not like to see the text of it!

In fact, whether the child is watching television or comics liter, or playing video games, must pay attention to a “degree.” Moderate extinction, and to be able to adjust the mood, increase a little experience, but more than this degree, it is called “psychological addiction” is not a good thing,
  Addicted to television a little Qiu “drug addiction”, especially drama. For us adults, the hit TV series, see Ding depends on a set that is not fun, so most of Nao remember every story development. When asked long, you will find white L: long time immersed in the episode, not only in sight F drop, even Gan Chih Chang electrical skills would have decreased (kids immersed in the TV cartoon to, yeah Send greater risk a. child in front of the TV, when back Yimin, mountain Yan Zhi gang not ignore it and play with no social skills Zhao culture to a mountain j ‘lack of physical exercise, Hugh quality open clam becomes Points 1 Mountain one thousand Ogawa thinking, thinking gradually weakened, distractibility 1 seed because the eyes tightly cho television, blurred vision, a little mountain child chat with mom and dad, the two sides appeared to open clams gap • • • • • • And, yes polybutylene to seven children, they often confuse reality with virtual • Some children watch more television, always worried about violence in television happen to them.

Music is also harm addiction. A man hiding in the room, no communication with anyone, forget food of sleep appears to be obsessed with Jing Videos • love reading, is actually afraid of being found hiding. Man restaurant is very imaginative, but his imagination could not pass through the comic kids. Sink drain to the West set up a child, they just want to look at the plug rather than buildings and more rotten, slowly, you will find them weaker reading skills, and they also limited imagination, imagine, all day bite the diagram • see their own minds are too lazy to move, with wings that do not fly away slightly imagination!
   Faced with animation, draw a small hair Rao Jing Friends, Working Mother training him or persuade him, he was there, clinging like a mother’s have a big head! Of course, the approach is not without.

Not restrictive working moms to encourage children to freedom graffiti

Color sensitive period: not restrictive working moms to encourage children to freedom graffiti

Weekend afternoon, as the sun like a golden egg tarts quietly changed direction, quietly shines on her mother to buy a new coat. “Mom, look, really beautiful,” Mom put down the Rain refers to the seen: the dough clothes, suffused with another on the light, that rhyme chant, a little edge Thriving Thriving peach. “Oh, child of color began to be interested in it!” Mom sighs.

Come on, let out looking for Tata play.” Little guy excitedly holding her mother‘s hand, along the way, she told her mother that she and Tata recently at a small animal dress, mother heard somehow. Until the Tata family, only made two small Kun original content partner in the “engage in the arts.” Tata family table, stood two children masterpiece. They give small animal coloring coloring book, which is called the daughter fishing “for small animals to wear clothes.” Chestnuts there they do origami and origami frogs, are also painted with colorful colors.

Tata family’s black board, chalk is a good child colors covered with random combinations of lines, as covered with a thin layer of snow has never been color on the walls, there are small pieces of writing, all tower Rain Tower and works on the roof was falling colorful balloons, really full of light and color  small world: this time, the mother has a trace of a sense of shame plague swept mind: he was busy working, busy making preserves , even ignoring the daughter of color sensitive period!

The children of color present in the sensitive period of three to four years old, and this time, they like to have the color of clothes, brightly colored toys, like coloring, like random draw, color and make them appreciate the fun of creation. Mao as their creativity and power are rapidly enhance the color of cognition. In this sensitive period, some mothers fear their children graffiti, always limit him, which actually limit the child’s mental development.

Smart mom, never hit the child with graffiti initiative
When children graffiti, whether good or bad painting, mothers do not just go and evaluation, because in any case, the county is his way of expressing their understanding of the world. Mom also not too early to send their children to remedial classes that focus on painting techniques. Once a child has been hit this time interest, his imagination and creativity will be difficult to develop to a better level.

Arranged around the house a country full of color
Some mothers, their favorite color is relatively simple, it will put everything at home decorating into a unified color. So it looks neat some, but the lack of color Smart, is not conducive to children’s mental development of color sensitive period.
You better get some more color at home, there was my mother, she is just an ordinary Mongolian mother, but the culture of the three artists. She actually understand education, but she was doing the right thing. In three or four children when she was going to the fields of labor, he started for home put the piles of colorful balloons, and thus, the color integrated into the children’s world.

What you probably did not think artists culture is still more children of color perception, so that his mental health development, which is what you want is not it?

You can try at home to put some color different furniture, jewelry, or arranged an art area, a charge dating back a little color studio, give the child a free authoring environment. Leisure time, to bring the child to walk around the mountain, imagination in nature, graffiti on paper, this mussel is a good method of promoting child development.

Child’s self-consciousness sensitive period

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Sensitive period of self-consciousness: Dry Wan do not get the child’s behavior

   Lazy afternoons, lively children’s playground.
   Grandma Yaya led to play here. Two years old Yaya likes to say “no.” This does not, she has begun.
   Someone asked; let me play with your toys do,” she replied: “No!”
   She was bananas, acquaintance asked; “Let me eat it,” she said: “No, very cool.” Cool you eat, I’m not afraid cold, give me something, Yaya bananas hide behind. tell the adults; “I have finished. ʱ??

   Yaya random graffiti with crayons on paper, a child walked Zhu, and she would draw together, let Yaya life and death, my grandmother gave the child a crayon, Yaya crying, “My, my give me • • • • • • “Just at that moment, Yaya hands quick to put the child down, snatch away their own crayons, grandmother said Yaya naive, can Yaya said” hit you! . “

Yaya on the slippery slide play for a while, to tell other children: “I do not play with you, and I returned home to find her aunt.” Then, Yaya should drove his small car to go home. Also like a child next to follow her to see her aunt, she would not let go clamoring: “My aunt, not your aunt, you should not go!” The kids did not back down, quickly sitting in the co-pilot of a small car, Yaya just put children to push off, but this time grandmother, granddaughter ran to catch up, but it did not stop her beating. Grandma was very angry, she told her mother things after work. Mom think this child is too used to, how to become so? Selfish and violent, the future can not do everything according to her!

  Mother and grandmother actually misunderstood the child’s behavior, which in fact indicate the child has entered the sensitive period of self-awareness. In the year and a half to three years old the age of the child, his self-consciousness began to germinate, he began to realize what is their own, what is someone else’s, he realized what rights they have, what kind of responsibility, awareness he and others are not the same, there is a certain limit, and he said, “I” word began to develop to say “no” “no” “No”, then is hit, bite to protect their own interests . Performance point of view, this period children become self-centered, selfish, rude, in fact, he is going through a period of mental development.


Some misunderstand the behavior of children‘s mother, I will think this is a good opportunity to teach children to share, let him come out from selfishness, which in fact is nothing in the idea. This time, you let him share with others, but not conducive to the establishment of his self-consciousness, so he grew up on a relatively weak character, easy to accommodate others. You certainly do not want this, then do not go to teach him to share with people. You know, the kids after this sensitive period, you do not teach him to share, he will give good things to share with others, in exchange for his desire to get something.


To guide their children into nature, to improve observation

Small things sensitive period: to guide their children into nature, to improve observation

  Small children, does not care about what kind of wear cute clothes, does not care about what kind of wearing a small hat, but do not focus on what to eat something every day, their concern is – sand, water, cookie crumbs, ant mosquitoes, flowers, thread, small patterns, pebbles, STRING, tunnel, ladybug • • • • • • adults do not understand, they think these small things there is nothing to see? But the child at this stage is like a small thing. Most of the time they will be a place to squat motionless, intently observed pebbles on the ground, tracking ant mosquito deeds, looking for a hole in the ground one after another, which in fact marked the child grows into the small things, the sensitive period.

  Generally, this sensitive period from the beginning of the year and a half, continued until about four years old, in this period, those small things in a child’s eyes is very novel, always give him untold fun of. In fact, this is the beginning of the observation of small things, the ability of children to observe, so in this period, the mother to understand the child, do not bother to stop child focus on small things, and to have enough patience to appreciate the child’s cute act, to ensure safety Under the premise, give him some freedom, so that his powers of observation may be raised.

Take their children into the nature, let him go to observe
   Nature is always the best teacher a child, the mother can take advantage of a weekend or holiday, take their children to get out, so he contacted more small things in nature, to enhance his ability to observe.

   Mom do with the adult world of utilitarian mind to secretly give children set goals. Such children to the park, hoping that children know more about several plants. Mom purpose too, the child ear explain various plants or small things habits characteristics, may make the child tired of feeling. Do not disturb mother observed the child when he was in full swing, stop him, you give the children the opportunity of independent observations. He looked small insects, small leaves, small flowers, you do like a spectator. When a child asks you, you then positive answer him. One mother would do well.

Mom recently made concept, the baby always love to pick on the ground bread crumbs and hair, but also love my mother used to do it manually when small beads, the mother realized the baby’s tiny things sensitive period came, she did not tell the baby “dirty bread crumbs , dirty hair, do not pick up, “but let him more contact with some small things. She often children to the community garden to play, let the children focus on flowers and nature scenes, children found on the ground there is a round, very smooth stone, not the same as before seen, he uttered exclaimed, “Huh? ! “Mom told him it was goose d stone, next, the child begins to seriously” study “pebbles, he put it in small hands, and slowly clutched in his hand, it seemed to feel the texture of cobblestone. Finally, he concluded that “cool.” “Hard” and later found to have a child is this stone-paved road, so at those times my mother work, he hurried grandmother took him to the point of view of that path pebble garden ,

  Children are also particularly concerned about ants carrying food garden and residence in the flower ladybug, even mosquitoes and dragonflies. He observed that when they are very focused. He also collected the garden snail, after her mother found him prepared a small glass bottle, cork is the mother deliberately pierced apertures. He can put a small snail into them, and then my mother gave snail provide tasty leaves.

Of course, the child is too small, ant mother gave him the freedom to be conditional, must ensure that the child’s safety. Without children to a busy street, no more kids to trash the place, for some small things, my mother is to take them to hide, such as desiccant, camphor ball, pill, cockroaches drugs. After confirming the safety of surrounding environment, you can let the children free observation. But my mother was doing on the sidelines of the time, also need to pay attention, do not let children put things into his mouth interest.

ignore the child’s bad imitation and make good example

sensitive period1

Study of Jasmine, the elegant aroma, great, full of the entire small home. ! Ah, delicious” Mom Qingwo technical article, sniffed the flowers, the little guy next to graffiti listened to his mother: ! Let me smell it.” Then the little guy learned his mother earlier action, reveling like He said “really fragrant!”
   Pop-up information on the mother’s friends QQ, she quickly typing on the keyboard. The two year old little guy asked her mother: “What are you doing?” “I’m typing” Mom staring at the screen. “Let me play while word of it!” Like an eager child. His mother sat on a chair, a kind of mold staring at the screen twilight, ten little fingers began to press the keyboard. The mother of the child’s imitation do not feel surprised, she smiled at the children feel fake, I thought:! More cute in fact, a few months ago, the children began to imitate the adults speak and act. He not only imitate mom, but also to imitate Grandma, grandpa and dad.

Grandmother laugh when very special children probably think she laughed and others do not, so that school with my grandmother laugh, the laugh of his, drew a laugh for all the family. Children will learn to like grandfather, smoking a cigarette, holding the mouse on the computer drawing. Once, Grandpa To burn a disc on a computer, the child to the grandfather said, “Let me cut it, I will:” Then he began to follow my grandfather began loading the previous step, the children also learned father, my father not very good eating habits have a good big man, but also picky eaters partial eclipse. A moment that this dish salty, a moment that this soup is too light, he says that he did not want to eat. Recently children eat is like this, pick and choose, but also said that the salty, the light, in short, adult habits, speech and action, he will go to imitate, he do not care what is good and what is bad in it.

  The child is now in this stage is called to imitate the sensitive period. It usually appears in children between one and a half to three years old, the children of this period, there will be selectively imitate family’s words and deeds, and sometimes even taken the trouble to repeat many times, this time, they really are not self-conscious In this constant imitation of the process, they began to form self-awareness.

Mo depending imitate his bad behavior, and make a good example
   Children imitate adults lovely move, so I go to work in the mother, but also a lot more joy in life, the child is to imitate every kind of growth, a self-created, which means he slowly learned to communicate with people, mom also feel relieved, but some mothers worry that their children will imitate adults bad deeds, such as swearing. Many children at this stage, heard who said bad language, will be repeated imitation. This is actually the mother and family needs and strive to create a good environment for the children, the family usually try to correct their bad habits and speech. For instance, some parents of picky eaters partial eclipse also has the habit, for children are not picky eaters partial eclipse of the baby, come on the turn, at least do not always complain about the food does not taste good.

Mother to help children get through this sensitive period

Sensitive period

Mom to give children freedom, more and children play games together to help children get through this sensitive period

  Mother can give the child to prepare some “bite” of toys, and allow children to play clean, if the child is still biting finish to the mother do not bother, we must take up immediately wash it again,

  This time the child has begun to play in the water playing with sand the like. Each time with the clutch water, and made everywhere, but he found it funny. Mom do not worry, let him enjoy splashing it, so he did not want to play when you re-treatment. As some mothers feel that their kids playing with sand dirty, had to wash the laundry, then you think about the child’s happiness, or let him play with it a while.

  Of course, my mother most of the time at work, often elderly or nanny to take care of children. You might as well tell them the importance of respect for children to explore instinct, let them help to do these things. Mom after work, and children can also do more fun games to help children get through the mouth and hands of the sensitive period. For example, the number of colors, shapes, soft or toy in front of your child, let him lay a hand, mouth to perceive. If the baby can climb up, you can put the toy milk to a place, let him grab.