“With the mother to see the album, very good?”

Appears as a child with ADHD
Xiaosisi mother always described his 4 year old son: energetic, fearless, daring impulses, if there is a tree, he went to climb the 1: road. He must have gold to go through so often in his possession for such minor incidents like that, he always appears in a year in the hospital’s emergency room on several occasions. Whether as kindergarten teacher suggested she should do it think think ADHD examination, she did not care. Instead think that the teacher is too exaggerated, Sisi was just too lively. However, in the years that followed, thinking thinking making trouble more and more, my mother finally had to take their children to hospital for examination, diagnosis for ADHD. Need to be treated.
Case study
More moving syndrome is children psychological and behavior occurred exception of a disease, appeared more moving syndrome of children often will hands more moving or in seat Shang reverse kept, to completed a pieces thing; proud job or game Shi attention cannot continued concentrated, and will often interference other children: usually love speech, others talk Shi he will often chipped, but Dang others and he speech Shi, he is and often absent-minded, like listening to non-listening to, and so on, are is more moving syndrome of performance.
But if you find your baby has always loved, and suspected he was suffering from ADHD, this is a bit of an exaggeration, because sometimes kids are just fine, but that does not mean he must be suffering from ADHD. Generally speaking, ADHD children have no hobbies, no matter when and where, unable to concentrate for a long time, has attention deficit symptoms, and active child to do something that he likes to concentrate, and resent interference and influence, as when he’s acting restless and may be due to a lack of interest. But restless child in serious, in an unfamiliar environment, self control, not random noise and ADHD children who do not have this capability. Often blamed for. “Not smart enough”.
First of all, you can help your child develop his attention and let him engage in activities of interest, such as with children, look at the pictures, listen to stories, and exercises children concentration and persistence, you can consciously tell the child: “come on, baby, and MOM watch pictures, OK? I think you will like. “However, requiring children to learn things take too long, or offensive to the fatigue he would be better.
Second, gradually develop the habit of children finish. After 5 minutes when kids do things, you have to give him recognition and praise, encourage him to finish well in everything, and gradually cultivating children’s self-control, can be appropriate to prepare some simple rules, as a children’s code of conduct, let the child restraint their actions, to develop good habits.
If these children are not correct, then you’d better take him to hospital, a doctor for psychological treatment is better.

“You gotta be careful! OK, now you have to help my mother to clean, “

“You must be careful! It’s OK. You’re going to have to clean it up now ”
When a child breaks something
Just listen to “bang” sound, Ms. Zhang four year old son to put the vase on the dining room table broke, see this scene, children frighten hurriedly hid in the corner of the living room, don’t dare to make a sound.
Case analysis
In daily life, children break things very common, glass, bowls, tea
Glass, vases, etc., we really do not know is the blame the kids too naughty, or the strange thing too
Even though you are not willing to hear the sound of the child breaking, but as a parent,
When you hear it, first of all, don’t be upset! The child is still young; he
The ability to control their own hands and feet is not flexible, and it is also a careless move. Phase
When the letter is not a sensible child, the child will deliberately turned the vase.
Therefore, you also don’t shout abuse, because the child know that he made a mistake, feel
Fear and remorse, if you blame him again, only to make him more afraid and guilty. The
In order to say to the child: “you must not be careful! No relationship, now
In search of a broom and a mother to clean it up.” So not only can eliminate the child
Fear, but also to remind the child to seek remedial methods, so as to instill the right knowledge
To be responsible for making mistakes, to cultivate children’s responsible attitude to their own actions
Help children to complete the clean-up work, do not forget to remind the child, the next must be small
A heart, don’t do things so bold. But the tone with the best gentle teaching state
Degree, do not use too blame the tone, to let the child can accept from the heart. This will enable the child to self blame some of the psychological, but also to feel the parents
Love. If the child broke the thing no danger, you can let the children to their own
Daniel, to deepen his sense of responsibility.

“So your look is very special, but not as when I was clean good? ā€

When children are always dirty clothes
4 year old slowly playing time. Always your clothes get dirty when eating,
It’s always going to spill the soup on the clothes. Mother has told her many times. Small
Heart a little. To slow a long. But she didn’t seem to hear it. Just put on clothes
About an hour to get dirty in a complete mess.
Case analysis
In fact, the 4 year old child must be the same as the adults to pay attention to the clothes clean and tidy
And health seems unlikely, but the child is a habit of his self – control is poor
Aura. Although the child’s clean and dirty clothes are not much clear concept, but if
Parents are able to educate him, guide him, the child is still very aware of the health of the.
Children always dirty clothes, which makes you a very headache, because you need to constantly give him
Clean clothes, wash his dirty clothes and wash his clothes. You can’t just let the baby’s clothes.
So dirty to wear? Such children do not know how to talk about health officials.
So what about it?
Don’t just blame him, the child does not want to be like this, he just can’t control himself.
Behavior, also need your education and guidance. So, when the children get dirty clothes
At that time, he said: “so your clothes look very special Oh, but,
Is not as good as clean time?” Children listen to the mother’s words, will feel the self
Has really not as clean as the clothes look good, the child also have their own aesthetic.
So if he is not careful next time, you will remind him once again, slowly, his
There will be such a concept in the brain: clean clothes look better than dirty clothes.” Phase
Believe in this concept, he will gradually develop good habits of health.
Parents taboo
“How do you get dirty again! I can’t take you!”
Please believe that your child is not intended to do this, and he is careless, so you don’t always criticize his behavior. So the child said, the child will think you very hate him, can not help him get rid of bad habits. Children themselves will feel that they really do not use, always dirty clothes, make parents angry, over time, he will feel inferior, affecting the normal development of children’s psychology.
— “you are a dirty child!”
Parents, although very reluctant to see the child’s clothes all dirty awful, but so disgusted, blame, negative criticism will only harm to the child’s self-esteem, let the children leave you to be getting more and more far, and for a long time, the child will gradually recognized the parents of this kind of view, think oneself is really a dirty and useless child, or even produce “poguanziposhuai” idea.

“Mother is not going to buy it. Baby look, that thing?”

When the child is crying to buy toys
2 years old with her mother to the supermarket, suddenly saw a red toy robot is very beautiful, they are not to buy his mother. The mother felt that home of toys are fast reactor Chengshan the buy back to play for a few days and throw on the side, really too wasted, do not intend to buy. Can be a little more than a crying and refused to go, the mother felt angry and embarrassed, angry too small to take over the hands of the toys, pull him out?
You must not feel strange in such a situation, it must make you feel very upset.
Two or three years old this age of the child is not taking into account the feelings of others, as long as he wants something, you will get the. For parents, the best way is to bring him to the store and other places to sell. In addition, if you really don’t want to buy something for him, you can distract him from his attention, and when a child sees something new, he will soon forget the things in front of him.
Playful and curious is the child of nature, children’s toys to novel interest, want to let the parents buy for him to play, is beyond reproach. We adults see what they like, do not often want to get it? Is also a good idea and children loquat eat is very important, as it does not meet the need for him to play and will settle for second best, to buy him something to eat. If children see novelty toys to “appropriation”, then you in the child proposed buy toys, and discuss toy play, let him 7 toys function: can watch, you can also learn skills through it. If only the appearance of the toy like and curiosity, in front of the counter watch on it, or let the salesman loquat toys take out to touch him, let him look at: if you want to learn skills by toys, it would have to complete the task of the game, you can and the child set t stand “contract”, let him make a commitment, such as the need to play pat some toys after to be able to buy a new toy P so you to can not buy toys, to take up some of the children. You should also be appropriate to the child to penetrate the concept of reasonable consumption, and he jointly develop the toy consumption plan;
Let him know that buying toys should be limited.
Encounter this kind of situation, do not have the children yelled at him, if you do not intend to buy, you can also explicitly rejected children, look into their eyes step, carefully to him said: “mother did not intend to buy these, baby you see, yonder thing how? Will we go and see it?” This also let him know, mom and dad will never have before, is not it? If the child is still unwilling to give up, then to shift his attention. Try to attract children to see other things, ask the child’s opinion, let the child no longer entangled. In addition, the child is very fond of people to ask his opinion, because they have a sense of mission, the vanity, they really will be very hard for you to think, give you advice. This did not shoot two hawks with one arrow?

“Come on, baby, let’s play with you “



When the children go to hold the doll
Children often hug doll is not put, because many of the children and their parents too little communication, not due to the “fetish”. These small “fetish” from three or four years old to eleven years old are two. Some of them surrounded by little teddy bear cry randomly, some do not smell a towel can not sleep, some pillow less yellow toy rabbit is not going to bed. Many of the causes and so on, parents are worried, but at the moment, I don’t know what to do.
Case analysis
With the social and economic development, the public housing conditions are getting better and better, many families of children are individually arranged in a room. During the day, the parents work, less time in contact with the children, night apart from a dinner, watch TV and less “intimate”, this has led to lack of communication between parents and children, so that children lack of affection “nourishment” tends to make the children transfer their emotional investment direction, and slowly develop Fetish addiction.
In order to prevent the child has such a tendency, the experts advise parents to increase time spent with their children, multi family and child communication, generally do not advocate through the dry land to give children arrange independent “single room”, the children to have the tendency, parents should increase emotional involvement, in addition to the family communication can be prepared several “migration carrier”, so they can’t of fetish “special situation”.
Toys are children’s first “textbook”, which can inspire children’s intelligence, to develop a child’s good character. However, if your children have to go with it, you have to be careful, too many dangers lurking doll oh! It is accompanied by the growth of children, the child’s life style and attitude towards life is a subtle influence.
Parents taboo
— “such a big boy, still holding a doll, shame not ashamed ah!”
Play is the nature of children, children’s toys is the best partner. Do you know? Some people have been counted, 6 years ago, half of the time is spent with toys. Toys to children’s influence is huge, it can be said that the toy is a child growing up in the first teacher, it can inspire children’s imagination, inspire children’s creativity. If you ridiculed the child, will hurt the hearts of young children.
— “no more of this thing, or I give you away!”
Perhaps you have read the story of the Wright brothers invented the airplane in the first book of how we invented the plane. “We were interested in the first place in the plane. A day, father to bring us back to a toy, rubber power make it fly into the sky, we follow the toy modeled several can successfully fly “the flying toy inspired the imagination of the Wright brothers, so that they create the plane, let the humans came out of the earth, let people initially realized the space by the ideal. Don’t kill the child’s imagination, maybe your child is a future inventor.

“Mother really want to play with the baby for a while, but the mother is so busy now!”

When a child is stuck with his parents, he wants you to play with him.
“Mom, I want you to come with me.” “Mom, where are you?” “Mom, what are you doing? Play with me, and”
As a mother, you must always be so sticky, it must make you feel very upset. Mrs. Lee is now Jiuzheng is 3 years old daughter trapped on, children every day in addition to sleep, almost always adhered to her or in her lap with her a piece of playing with toys or holding the legs of a file, or pull her hand or on her feet, good thriller the child is a separate individual, but her body extending. This day, always be wrapped around the child to play together, Ms. Lee feel be tired out.
Now only children more and more, because of the special environment, easy to produce the bad habits of people, the wear. Such as often Miao a want you to help him find a toy, to help him find out, but also to accompany him to play, can play the not and in a short while, he calyx toys to rob the wool in your hand; or you are busy doing housework when he went around in your feet when a don’t want you to do, and so on, that’s what annoys you of.
In fact, the child is bound to play with their parents have a certain psychological reasons, this may be a lack of emotional expression. If you look at the baby’s behavior may be found, sometimes the baby crying, not because the Russian belly, but to see adults from his side through to did not hold him, he had to cry caused your attention, you want quickly embrace him. This is a kind of emotional need. The child is also the same, the parents to play together, ask you to want things, with you to make trouble, this is not the purpose, the purpose is to want you to pay attention to him, and he exchange feelings. This mentality is more prominent in the only child body. Parents should be aware of this, understand their feelings, expressed a desire to play with the kids, and gently to the child said: “mother really want to accompany the baby to play for a while, but now my mother is doing the housework, my mother was busy Dongxi! Mom finished will accompany you, OK?” So that the child can not accompany him to play for the time being, said, and so you have done their own to play with him, the child is very easy to listen to a person to play.
But if you really do not know when to accompany him to play, remember not to casually promised children, otherwise he would be disappointed, think parents do not keep their promises.
Or you can also give the child another suggestion, try to let him do something else, for example, to help parents get something, frame the picture to my mother, or let him invent new games, it will also scattered children want you to accompany him to play with the attention and from feeling pleasure.

When children get up, not happy

Some children wake up in the morning after the happy, a small mouth son said a non-stop, but also some of the children get up early in the morning is not happy, make uncomfortable, playing small temperament, or angry, who also ignore, or crying. The child exhibits various unhappy phenomenon, parents tend to be rather baffling, unknown, so it is trouble.
Case analysis
Any person, including the adult and the child, and occasionally a little mood is normal. Two years old child began to say “no” to show their independence, and sometimes parents are very easy to take this as a way to not listen to the words of the adult or the performance of the temperament, in fact, is not the case. Even when the children grow up to ten years old, often to be moody, overly sensitive, this is quite normal phenomenon, so parents do not have to to be overly sensitive about it.
If your child has always been after getting up in the morning and in good spirits, but has recently become fond of playing small gas the, perhaps this is he really what problems, such as lack of sleep, sick, or mental stress, and so on, you have to use appropriate methods to clear.
Some kids get out of bed because they’re always getting out of bed, so you’re going to wake him up, or put some music on the clock. If time allows, you can let the child to sleep for a while, or tell the child: baby, now to the time we have to eat, since you have been awake, and mom and dad to eat dinner and then continue to sleep well?” Children listen to these words, the heart will be more comfortable, but also willing to eat with their parents.
Or let the child go away, and so he feels better and then come back, but must give the child lay down the steps. For example, you can say: you stay for a while, you may be better, and so you feel better, must come back oh, because we will think of you.” This child will feel themselves by their parents attention, parents need to own and to the importance of the psychological will soon let the children happy metres.
You can also use humor to change the child’s mood, with the child to play a joke, help him get rid of trouble, or talk about a relaxed and happy joke, you can try to let the children speak, to his emotions, such as ask the child: Dad is very want to know what you did yesterday night.” If you let the child begin to speak, he will slowly forget their unpleasant.

Parents should not be said in front of the child

Parents taboo
“Eat snacks in the stomach will grow insects!”
This is not to deceive the child, but after all, contrary to the facts, such as “flexible” mode of education does not convince the child. When children to discover the truth of the truth, you will lose on their parents trust, or turned a deaf ear, or a tooth for a tooth, after using the same way towards their parents.
As a parent, you want to play a “mirror” role, to his serious and responsible, sincere kindness, with him to know the harm of eating snacks, believe that children will understand.
“How can you be so greedy”
Good thing everyone loves to eat, think about what you have found good food is not also “love”, I want to enjoy every day? There is no big difference between the child and your mind, the only difference is that he may not be able to control their desire to eat. So don’t scold the child, otherwise it will only hurt his pride, but also may make the child more and more careless; “eat snacks is greedy?? eat count greedy such errors.

When the children shouted to eat snacks

“Mom, I want to eat French fries, I also want to drink juice, eat ice cream – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
Ms. Zhang almost every day to hear the noise of her daughter, do not give her a crying, not to eat, but to meet the requirements of the child. Children eat snacks is not crying, dinner but eat very bad, sometimes eat County Mengbuken. The results of the child’s body go from bad to worse. Ms. Zhang is very upset.
The child’s stomach capacity is relatively small, a food intake is limited, hungry faster, appropriate to eat some snacks is not a bad idea, you can add some nutrients and calories. In addition, snacks can also adjust the taste of food, the kind of relaxed state of mind when eating snacks is not the time when the dinner. Therefore, snacks for children, is not all bad.
But should pay attention to is, snacks contain sugar and energy was significantly higher than that of dinner sugar content and energy, but nutrients is not comprehensive. Often eat snacks easy to cause a variety of health care problems, such as dental caries, nutrient intake and poor appetite, etc.. And now a lot of coke into the child’s life, such as coke and other drinks, if you drink too much, but also cause headaches, dizziness, irritability, heart rhythm, shortness of breath and other symptoms, but also lead to a large amount of muscle will lead to muscle, writing, hand trembling. And because caffeine is a stimulant, can stimulate gastric motility and gastric acid secretion, cause intestinal cramps, so often drink caffeine drinks children prone to unexplained abdominal pain.
Can be seen, the child is too fond of snacks, a lot of harm to the body, parents should be given to correct. Parents at the time usually to master to the children to eat snacks, generally can be arranged between the dinner after a meal or two meals, but also make the pinch to the amount of snacks, even in between meals, snacks volume is less, otherwise the same will affect the dinner food intake. The children’s snacks should also pay attention to the selection of snacks. Fruit should be the first choice, it can help digestion, but also to add a variety of vitamins; and some too sweet or heat too large food, such as ice cream, candy, etc., it is best not to put them as a spare of snacks.
In addition, parents don’t abuse snacks to coax a child, when children licensing gas, do not use snacks to distract him, promised to some of his unreasonable demands. Otherwise it will make the child feel snacks is a reward, is very good thing, in the intention to strengthen the child’s eating habits, and so that children learn to eat snacks to bargain. In this regard, the parents can not prevent.

When children do not love to eat

Round 5 years old, always doesn’t love to eat, even the smell of delicious food, but also the round pick. My mother often of round said: “do not love to eat cannot grow strong, not afraid of you?” but round or in anger say: “I am not want to eat well!” I didn’t play a role.
Mother wants to know that the child in kindergarten is not the way it is. So one day while the circle of the time to ask the teacher, the teacher said she is not love to eat, often only to eat meat, rice and vegetables are left. Mother listened to very anxious, the child such nutrition how to reach it? It seems that it is a boring thing to persuade the child to eat.
Case analysis
All the parents do not want their children to eat junk food, didn’t love, want their children to be able to love all the food. But no one has to eat or even do not eat something, parents may have, not to mention the child. Even very young children, they have their own interests and hobbies. But if the child in the stage of a long body, often a partial eclipse, picky eaters, nutrition can not meet the body’s needs, it is prone to malnutrition, affect the child’s normal growth and development.
But, if you want to change the child’s interest and hobby, it is equal to change the child’s original intuition, but also to change the value of the child’s own formation. It’s not an easy thing to do. Remember when you were young, there are also a lot of food that can not swallow it?
Said that although the child refuses to eat one of the two kinds of food did not influence the growth process, caused by frail reason is not due to a child does not eat a certain food, but if the child partial eclipse effect to the rationality of the diet, as parents. And this is the time to consider how to change the idea of children the.
First of all, you want to let the child feel that you care about him, “do not like to eat this kind of food does not matter, if the mother for a pattern to do you have no interest?” Slowly let him correct this bad habit, do not be anxious for success, not to force children to eat. You can directly to the child said: “you can slightly a little bit of taste, because taste lunch today and yesterday is not the same sip, the mother can you don’t taste any different.” With this kind of talk and talk with the child, the child’s curiosity will be mobilized, he would also like to know today’s lunch in the end what is different with yesterday. If he tries to eat, he may feel that the taste of this food is also very good, the next may not be rejected.
Also, parents often give children speak partial eclipse, picky eaters, do not love to eat to health brings adverse effects, take encourage the attitude of let the children gradually corrected. For example, parents can also say: “do you know what chicken eat? They eat rice, eat grass, leaves. Do you know why? Because chickens light to eat rice, not strong, after eating vegetables, their bodies it looks fast and well. ” In such a subtle, some of the child’s habits will slowly corrected.
In real life, parents should also try to the food delicious, and pay attention to the daily food type corresponding to the match, increase a child eating desire. For example, children do not eat vegetables, the vegetables can be incorporated into the meat into meat stuffing in the brake, and then make meatballs.