Secret children education “I know what you think is right, but your attitude makes me very uncomfortable.”

When children always talk back
Secret children education Talk back? Fire guts really ah! For those of us parents do not allow a child to talk back to people. See their own children and how shocking it talk back! 8-year-old son can Mr. Zhang has been learned back to their parents talk back, if there is not anything to do according to his request, he will be with parents’ top forever. Even so often Mr. Zhang and Zhang wife said: “You Why should I?”
“I do not you tube!” Or “I will not do as you say. That was very stupid!” This makes Zhang couples very sad.
case analysis
In all likelihood, the child is trying to talk back from the television or next door, where the older children have learned, they talk back, they often themselves unaware of this behavior is wrong, but parents must be aware of: you can Allow children to refute some of the issues holding the attitude, so that children and their parents together to discuss a particular problem, as it can train their minds, but vexatious style talk back will only encourage children to develop bad habits do not respect others. This is regardless of the parents, or the children, is a negative thing, must be stopped. There is no room for negotiation.
If your child usually are more polite, so simply and directly said to him: “You speak in the talk back, oh, not this.” This is a great way to recognize your child the chance of error, After your child is not easy to do it again.
But if your child is not obedient, that do not use sarcasm or refute him, the more so because the more easily arouse the child rebellious mood. If you can calm a little, but the effect will be better. For example, you can talk to children, said: “I know what you think are right, but your attitude makes me very uncomfortable, if you can change an attitude I will be more happy.” “You’re usually not the case with my father talking, today not the school what makes you happy? Maybe I can help you. “Such children said those noted however you do not feel happy, then let the children be able to talk back to his parents realized that the behavior is wrong. And you more calm, more usual, the effect will be better.

Secret children education “Because my mother a headache, so please be quiet, you will not want to get sick mom, right?”

When children too noisy
Any one of the parents, the family may have such a baby – he often cried: “Mom, I want you to accompany me ……” “Mom, I want to leave now, my feet hurt dead ……” or “I want to play next door Allison for a while. Do not stop me ……” Even with the increasingly high tone, but also often emerge some strange ideas. From early in the morning began noisy, until he fell asleep at night, the family have a little peace.
Secret children case analysis
Noisy children around the age of 6 is a normal thing, let him calm down really difficult, even if only so that he would feel he could quiet a few very tough. Children this age are vulnerable to setbacks, parents need to continue to help them do this and that, so he had to use noise to arouse the attention of parents. So noisy children also tried to cause a method parents attention.
If it is because you ignore the child that led him excessively noisy, then you should first review yourself, is not usually too little time with their children, they do not have time with their children, so that children feel lonely or neglected. If this is the case, of course, you want to find as much time with their children about the feelings of the promotion.
If not, the child noisy but he wanted to achieve a particular purpose. For example, I hope you can take him out to play, or to buy him a new toy, and so on, and this practice is usually very effective. This time you have to pay attention, maybe your behavior is the cause of the reason he often noisy.
For parents, the best way is the embryonic stage in the formation of the illnesses it killed off. If your child while shouting now, it might knelt down and his head-and then told him: “? Because my mother a headache today, so I hope you can be quiet, you certainly do not want my mother sick of it,” this squat speak with the children, not only to let the children feel that they are being taken seriously, and the mother’s words made him feel that their behavior is wrong and should be corrected, this effect on him than you yelling meal is much easier.
You can also make this game enjoyable way to make children understand the truth noisy is wrong. Selection of two toy animals do role-playing games, puppy do our best to send out the noise, but the mother dog showed a very unhappy appearance against; also allows the dog make all kinds of various Cheung voice, so children to judge these sounds to achieve their requirements issued in which the sound is correct. Thus, once the game you want to establish the concept of the kind of behavior when a child again noisy, you can quickly remind children what kind of sound is not correct. Over time, the child will gradually get rid of this bad habit.

“I’m glad to hear you speak, but I prefer to see you write them down.”

When the children chatter talked on
One mother recently was bored, because she just turned 6 years old children often do things in her time. Chatter around her to speak. This interference was doing things she could not feel at ease. But she felt they could not keep the kids talk, this will hurt the child.
case analysis
Expressed the desire to have children, maybe you think that it was far are some useless things. Available for children, he felt that it is important, he wanted to listen to Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad want with their share. Sometimes, and this is reflected in the child’s loneliness, his desire to exchange feelings with their parents.
But most self-centered child, when he wanted Mom and Dad happy to talk, but he does not consider the adequacy of talk time. If at this point you are busy other things, there is no time to talk with your child, be sure to use it, a positive response, let him know what you think, for example: “I’m glad to hear you speak, but I would prefer you to write down . As a mother now has other things to do, and secondly, my mother would like to see a little careful. “This prevents the children think they let parents hate, and let him know that parents do not want to talk to him, but now inappropriate. Also let the child know that he in addition to meet their wishes, we have to understand other people’s feelings and circumstances. It also provides children with another method of expression, took the opportunity to exercise your child’s writing skills, is a good thing Oh!
If a child because of a lack of emotional exchange with their parents at the time of chatter around you, then you have to do it in two ways: First, to arrange some time to speak with the children, to increase the exchange of feelings, so that children will not see you no end no more to say; Second, we must learn to teach children to learn, play, and gradually make the child’s feelings of independence.
In fact, children often speak not a bad thing, at least willing to communicate with you on behalf of his ability to express not too bad, but many of his ideas. However, never a good side, and sometimes the child will hostility harassment, this time you have to use a mild tone made it clear to the child that this is wrong, but remember not to rebuke the child.

“You play good fun ah! What can you tell me about the play?”

When the child too naughty
6-year-old is in the class of bright naughty. From morning to evening kindergarten to be picked up by my father, without a moment’s quiet time, even taking a nap is always tossing and turning in bed. Stretching his arms, kick the legs. Effect of other children to bed, go game. The teacher’s eyes have to keep searching for his shadow. A little attention, he would run out of the scope of activities, led several small naughty ran the grass, or drill into the corner of interest.
case analysis
In fact, naughty children should not be considered a bad habit, he just love to move than other kids, he loves to play it. However, if you let this naughty “carry forward” go on. It will not only affect the normal activities of other children, but also make him develop non-compliance with classroom discipline, safety rules and other illnesses.
But many parents face naughty child is often powerless, and often beaten by the way, I hope you can let the kids do not naughty point. But this way to educate children is unscientific.
In criticizing the child’s behavior, the best way is to encourage him, and then on the basis of encouragement, and then pointed his wrongdoing, so that the child is easier to accept. When your child is too naughty, you might say to him: “What are you so happy to play it play, what can you tell me about playing it??” The children see you are very interested in him, and he became he would be willing to play the game to tell you in detail. When you listen to his narrative, you may wish to give him his misdeeds noted, such as “best not to catch the blood of some insects Oh, they’ll bite your finger.” Or, “the park is not allowed to play in the water, This point you must remember it! “Thus, in the same time to encourage him, he should pay attention to the problem will tell him that the child will remember.
In fact, the naughty children are often smart kids. Their energy is abundant, at any time be able to find the game’s content and fun. These children’s powers of observation and memory and language skills often than other children, in a game they can take the initiative and active participation. Relatively speaking, those seem obedient, well-behaved child may have some difference in these areas.
Therefore, to allow children naughty, naughty so he observed in nature, to understand the social and enjoy the natural beauty, discover things, which play broaden thinking, increase their knowledge of the purpose.

“Baby, let mom and get rid of this trouble with you, OK?”

Ms. Gao 3-year-old daughter does not know when to begin, to develop a bad habit of biting. This is not health. Not only because of the hands of the already stained with a lot of bacteria, and children always play with a variety of toys by hand. Dirty things stick in your hand, a nail-biting, hands of the bacteria will have thorough understanding of the child’s stomach, affect a child’s health. This allows to Ms. annoyed.
case analysis
Many children and adults have around us and pull the nail biting habit. In all nervous habits, nail biting is the most common habits.
Many children develop this habit of reasons, such as a bad environment in which the child psychologically insecure. Often affected by mental stimulation: such as parents often quarrel, so that children produce loneliness and fear, feelings of rootless, it is easy to bite his finger. After repeatedly, gradually formed a bad habit because of stubborn.
But no matter how develop, nail biting after all, is a less bad health habits, we should help children get rid of. If the child has been able to understand the adults speak, then tell him this habit is unhealthy, and the child said:? “Mom I am sure you can get rid of, so that mothers get rid of this trouble with you is good.” After the child heard these words, the first own brain to form a “biting unhealthy” concept, and believe that the mother be able to help him get rid of, so that children have a concept, it will be easier to do.
You can try to let the children sit in front of a mirror, observe their own biting look, and tell him like this does not look good, but not liked, so that all children can make a strong touch. This approach is very spiritual.
For some children biting nothing to it, you can give him to do some better things. For example, to give him an inconspicuous little things: a rubber ball into a smooth stone, so he put in a nail-biting time to play them.
Do not forget to provide children with a safe, warm, relaxed living environment for children in this environment free life and get into proper protection. If the child is watching TV. Or if he can control biting into desire while watching TV, you can win an extra minute of time watching television.

“Please help my mother, okay? Mom really need your help now, oh!”

“Niu, to throw away the trash!” Today is the weekend. Ms. Zhang is at home to clean up the room. Unhesitatingly call her daughter to help her garbage.
“I give my little doll clothes too!” My daughter should be uttered. And did not come out.
“Well, this child! Go back to playing the garbage thrown l” The very fact that shouting loudly.
Daughter is very happy to come out from her little room, holding the garbage to throw away.
case analysis
Now the children seem less willing to help their parents with household chores, for many reasons, parents may be accustomed to take care of the child, it may be because the child lazy, because the child may also be used to do when parents fail while being scolded …… If you want to help your child be able to do some housework, it’s probably a bit of sincerity and skill up.
First, you let the child feel that you really need him, his help is very important to you, so that the child’s sense of superiority and mission will play a role, he also became very happy to help you a favor. You may wish to do this to children, said: “Please help my mother right now mom really needs your help now Oh?!” Such courtesy title make your child feel they are being respected, rather than being ordered about, not only he will be very is pleased to help you do this and that, you can also learn to know how to treat others respectfully.
Secondly, the children help you finish, do not forget him appreciation and gratitude. After he got the thumbs up, it will be on housework have a good impression, the next time you have to worry about his unwillingness to help you. If a child accidentally wrong, you do not blame him, should be grateful for his help. And I hope that his next effort, I believe that the next child will be very willing to try.

“Sick of it? Then you must be very difficult subject, we were going to the doctor aunt check, okay?”

When the kids love to pretend to be sick
Cheng Cheng in first grade, he recently appeared in a strange illnesses: Every Monday or Tuesday morning. He said a stomach ache. He refused to go to school. Mother is very worried, thinking baby son pain. Quickly leave, take him to the hospital, but did not find out what disease. Mom relieved of Cheng Cheng said:. “This is just great, you can go to school tomorrow.”
But the next day to school, Cheng Cheng said a stomach ache. Mom just put him to the school, to falsely school, Cheng Cheng bite the bullet and go to school, and did not re-call a stomach ache. Mom then cut the throat of consciousness: the original son malingering!
case analysis
When a child is sick, parents can often get additional care, not go to school, do not do your homework, you can also watch TV, play games, so cool! So they often sick as an excuse to evade some responsibility or attract the attention of parents.
Encountered such a child, the first to understand that he is malingering or really sick, if you really sick, naturally immediately go to hospital for treatment: If only pretend to be sick, you will need to make good on him for some educated.
If you find your child pretend to be sick, no matter how much you confirm that the child is lying, the child should be provided for the symptoms to seek medical care. It is also a precaution Well, who knows your judgment will not appear deviation it? And this is also a reflection of the child trust is responsible, can not be confirmed until he lie, first assumed the child was telling the truth. Doctors diagnosed the child also expose the lies of the weapon. In this case, you can first say this: sick ah? Then you must be very hard to accept, we went to see a doctor aunt check good? “Even if the child is pretending to be ill at this time, you also want to make him feel your concern, so maybe he’s guilty psychology will help him get rid of this ring illnesses: And if it is really sick, the hospital is of course a necessary .
In addition, more than usual and children talk about the heart, the heart of the children to find out the truth, even if they know the child is pretending to be ill, do not go directly to debunk because the child in order to maintain their self-esteem, also insisted that he was really sick. Through chat, insinuating understand the child’s needs, find out the real reason for his malingering. You can let the children speak a solution, generally speaking, the child’s “heart” one besides, the external conditions will soon be better.

“With the mother to see the album, very good?”

Appears as a child with ADHD
Xiaosisi mother always described his 4 year old son: energetic, fearless, daring impulses, if there is a tree, he went to climb the 1: road. He must have gold to go through so often in his possession for such minor incidents like that, he always appears in a year in the hospital’s emergency room on several occasions. Whether as kindergarten teacher suggested she should do it think think ADHD examination, she did not care. Instead think that the teacher is too exaggerated, Sisi was just too lively. However, in the years that followed, thinking thinking making trouble more and more, my mother finally had to take their children to hospital for examination, diagnosis for ADHD. Need to be treated.
Case study
More moving syndrome is children psychological and behavior occurred exception of a disease, appeared more moving syndrome of children often will hands more moving or in seat Shang reverse kept, to completed a pieces thing; proud job or game Shi attention cannot continued concentrated, and will often interference other children: usually love speech, others talk Shi he will often chipped, but Dang others and he speech Shi, he is and often absent-minded, like listening to non-listening to, and so on, are is more moving syndrome of performance.
But if you find your baby has always loved, and suspected he was suffering from ADHD, this is a bit of an exaggeration, because sometimes kids are just fine, but that does not mean he must be suffering from ADHD. Generally speaking, ADHD children have no hobbies, no matter when and where, unable to concentrate for a long time, has attention deficit symptoms, and active child to do something that he likes to concentrate, and resent interference and influence, as when he’s acting restless and may be due to a lack of interest. But restless child in serious, in an unfamiliar environment, self control, not random noise and ADHD children who do not have this capability. Often blamed for. “Not smart enough”.
First of all, you can help your child develop his attention and let him engage in activities of interest, such as with children, look at the pictures, listen to stories, and exercises children concentration and persistence, you can consciously tell the child: “come on, baby, and MOM watch pictures, OK? I think you will like. “However, requiring children to learn things take too long, or offensive to the fatigue he would be better.
Second, gradually develop the habit of children finish. After 5 minutes when kids do things, you have to give him recognition and praise, encourage him to finish well in everything, and gradually cultivating children’s self-control, can be appropriate to prepare some simple rules, as a children’s code of conduct, let the child restraint their actions, to develop good habits.
If these children are not correct, then you’d better take him to hospital, a doctor for psychological treatment is better.

“You gotta be careful! OK, now you have to help my mother to clean, “

“You must be careful! It’s OK. You’re going to have to clean it up now ”
When a child breaks something
Just listen to “bang” sound, Ms. Zhang four year old son to put the vase on the dining room table broke, see this scene, children frighten hurriedly hid in the corner of the living room, don’t dare to make a sound.
Case analysis
In daily life, children break things very common, glass, bowls, tea
Glass, vases, etc., we really do not know is the blame the kids too naughty, or the strange thing too
Even though you are not willing to hear the sound of the child breaking, but as a parent,
When you hear it, first of all, don’t be upset! The child is still young; he
The ability to control their own hands and feet is not flexible, and it is also a careless move. Phase
When the letter is not a sensible child, the child will deliberately turned the vase.
Therefore, you also don’t shout abuse, because the child know that he made a mistake, feel
Fear and remorse, if you blame him again, only to make him more afraid and guilty. The
In order to say to the child: “you must not be careful! No relationship, now
In search of a broom and a mother to clean it up.” So not only can eliminate the child
Fear, but also to remind the child to seek remedial methods, so as to instill the right knowledge
To be responsible for making mistakes, to cultivate children’s responsible attitude to their own actions
Help children to complete the clean-up work, do not forget to remind the child, the next must be small
A heart, don’t do things so bold. But the tone with the best gentle teaching state
Degree, do not use too blame the tone, to let the child can accept from the heart. This will enable the child to self blame some of the psychological, but also to feel the parents
Love. If the child broke the thing no danger, you can let the children to their own
Daniel, to deepen his sense of responsibility.

“So your look is very special, but not as when I was clean good? ”

When children are always dirty clothes
4 year old slowly playing time. Always your clothes get dirty when eating,
It’s always going to spill the soup on the clothes. Mother has told her many times. Small
Heart a little. To slow a long. But she didn’t seem to hear it. Just put on clothes
About an hour to get dirty in a complete mess.
Case analysis
In fact, the 4 year old child must be the same as the adults to pay attention to the clothes clean and tidy
And health seems unlikely, but the child is a habit of his self – control is poor
Aura. Although the child’s clean and dirty clothes are not much clear concept, but if
Parents are able to educate him, guide him, the child is still very aware of the health of the.
Children always dirty clothes, which makes you a very headache, because you need to constantly give him
Clean clothes, wash his dirty clothes and wash his clothes. You can’t just let the baby’s clothes.
So dirty to wear? Such children do not know how to talk about health officials.
So what about it?
Don’t just blame him, the child does not want to be like this, he just can’t control himself.
Behavior, also need your education and guidance. So, when the children get dirty clothes
At that time, he said: “so your clothes look very special Oh, but,
Is not as good as clean time?” Children listen to the mother’s words, will feel the self
Has really not as clean as the clothes look good, the child also have their own aesthetic.
So if he is not careful next time, you will remind him once again, slowly, his
There will be such a concept in the brain: clean clothes look better than dirty clothes.” Phase
Believe in this concept, he will gradually develop good habits of health.
Parents taboo
“How do you get dirty again! I can’t take you!”
Please believe that your child is not intended to do this, and he is careless, so you don’t always criticize his behavior. So the child said, the child will think you very hate him, can not help him get rid of bad habits. Children themselves will feel that they really do not use, always dirty clothes, make parents angry, over time, he will feel inferior, affecting the normal development of children’s psychology.
— “you are a dirty child!”
Parents, although very reluctant to see the child’s clothes all dirty awful, but so disgusted, blame, negative criticism will only harm to the child’s self-esteem, let the children leave you to be getting more and more far, and for a long time, the child will gradually recognized the parents of this kind of view, think oneself is really a dirty and useless child, or even produce “poguanziposhuai” idea.